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8:59 AM

All those of you who live in India, may or hopefully may not have noticed that Cupick, the market place where I sell my artwork has for now stopped taking orders.

I have no idea what happened, I only came to learn about that this weekend when one of my blog reader and Instagram followers point it out to me.
Needless to say that I am super disappointed to hear about Cupick not honouring orders through one of my followers rather than have Cupick themselves send me an email informing me about it.

Fortunately, they aren't the only players on the Print on demand scene in the country, and the good news is i started uploading all my designs with another portal : Paintcollar

Like Cupick, they offer my designs on select products including Mobile phone covers which seems to be the "It" product on all Indian POD sites. They also sell t-shirts, bandana, laptop skins and coffee mugs as well as poster prints.

For now I am still uploading all my designs, it takes a lot of time, which I don't have much to spare as we near the end of the year and the final few festivities it has to offer. But I simply didn't want to start 2018 with nothing on the domestic market. Especially since my 2018 Calendar does feature my favourite artwork which I do sell on Society6 and was (maybe sometimes soon, again?) on Cupick.

So that is pretty much the news of the day here. There is more happening back stage but that will have to wait until I am ready to make the announcement. 


  1. Merry Xmas to you & yours!

    1. Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too


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