The 2018 Printable Calendar is here

8:00 AM

The wait is over folks!

The Home Cyn Home 2018 edition of the printable calendar is up for download, all 12 months of it! And this year there will be no image sneak peaks apart from that peacock above (Which you'll see back next August).

If you want to see the whole Calendar, you have to download the PDF file, it's that easy. But while I won't share any image spoilers just now let me launch myself into a description and what thought went behind it all this know, just because.

I went with the same hexagon grid layout as this year with the 2018 edition, so if you are bored with old conventional squares on your calendar, you are in luck, mine doesn't fit the bill. This is pretty much the only thing that stayed the same along with the fact it's still my own artwork as a header though.

You see, the previous years I went through the motion of agonising over a theme, and producing 12 month specific images. On year 1 and 2 I even went as far as giving the month an Indian flavour as we have different seasons and things associated with each month over here.
This year I went totally abstract and interestingly a lot of my synesthesia glitch of seeing months in colors poured into my art.
This year I didn't want to repeat myself, or go draw another mango for April and mention cupcakes in February. Plus, I didn't really get much time to work on a Calendar specific theme in the midst of launching myself as an artist and adding work to my shops.

I realised though that I didn't need a calendar theme, because it has emerged that a lot of the artwork I sell has a distinct style and color palette that is totally usable to create a consistent look over the next 12 months.
So, I decided to use my commercial artwork instead this year.

That's right!

Every single illustration of the 2018 calendar edition features artwork that you can also buy on both Society6 and Cupick.
Like the past two years, I'll also put each monthly pages up for download and give you a little more info about the artwork of the month, how awesome is that?

Now for the usual disclaimer

It goes without saying that the artwork is MINE, you can download the calendar for personal use, link to my blog so others can find it, but you CANNOT redistribute it, claim it as your own or rip off my designs to make your own.
Hours and hours of work went into creating each art pieces and I am kind enough to offer you de opportunity to get a variant of it for free so don't be an internet jerk. 

If you missed the link for download above, all you have to do is click here to access the file. 

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