The Christmas 2017 home tour

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Since we moved to a new flat, this means that we get to see our festive decorations in a new light, and while we kept Diwali very low key and private, we are kind of going all out with Christmas this year.

When we moved into this place last April, I knew more or less where I would put the tree (that's how obsessive I can be with Christmas).

In our old place it was kind of squished between the sofa and the wall space before the dinning table (and later console table). I wasn't bad but it was a bit crammed since we were dealing with a low space issue.

In this flat we have plenty of room and so I gave the tree the place of honor right next my chest of drawer. It makes a lot of sense since this chest of drawer is the place where I put seasonal display with my handmade black board display.

Hubby said that the tree looks really great this year, especially when it is all lit at night. It's really like it has it's own stage rather than being that thing we need to make work in our year round decor.

We also did get new lights for the tree this year, the stock of quality LED lights I had has dindled over the years and the two strings of lights I had left are used else where in the flat. Because I love them as every day decor. One is in a lantern in my "office" (this is how we call the 3rd room), the other is serving as a night light in the kitchen.

I normally stock up on lights during Diwali, but I completely forgot to do so this year because we used all the twinkly lights and colorful strands leftovers to decorate our balconies.
I am not picky with colors and type of lights for Diwali, but for the Christmas tree nothing but non twinkly warm white (aka yellow) lights will do and I do not compromise on that. I hated the tree the year I was stuck with those cool white twinkly lights.

This year I bought mine from Amazon and after sifting through a lot of reviews, and different type I settled for these (Affiliate link).
They king of look like little icicles which is perfect on a Christmas tree they also have a connector plug at the end of the string so that you can plug the next string directly to the previous one instead of  dealing with an unsightly multi-plug. I bought two strings for my 6ft tall tree.

I also took out all the craft projects and little bit of decorations we made over the years and scattered them around the living room. Things like the Hot Chocolate menu card, or the pompom snowmen.

This is the beauty of Christmas, for a lot of people, their ornaments and decorations tell silent stories about their lives and family.
In the picture above, the sock snowman was the result of a Christmas craft afternoon with my friends and their kids. The small pompom tree, apart from being featured on the blog, holds a similar story of me getting together with two friends and getting into more grown up Christmas craft projects while our kids were in school.
It was a fun morning, my two friends were replicating my Christmas paper wreath while I was working on some pompom projects and battled with a giant bundle of green yarn that kept getting tangled. We drank tea, shared stories, had quite a few laughs and all this is now captured in that tiny tree, and me and my friends are the only one who remember the story behind.

This is what Christmas is actually all about, under this mass commercialism that has made it famous worldwide.
It's about planning a whole month of activities with loved ones and building tons of memories. Decorating the tree is always a family affair, and I can't tell you how many memories I have of me and my sister bickering about who gets to hang some of our favourite ornaments, or how the Boney M Christmas album is intrinsically linked to that ritual or how many goofy moments we had pretending the ornaments were earrings while decorating the tree, or how we played divas wrapping ourselves in tinsel garlands rather than the tree.

Oh wait! I kept that tradition alive, and just because I am in a festive mood, I'm going to share it with you:

This is what is great about living in the age of digital photography and selfies, you finally get to capture these crazy moments. As a kid we never really even took pictures of us decorating the tree, leave alone pics of us goofing up with tinsel on our head while Boney M was blasting in the background (there may have been sone dancing involved too)

This past Sunday when we decorated the tree I made sure these silly pictures were included in the photo op, because I plan to print them and put it in our year book.

This is one of the thing I actually now enjoy, when you are a young adult fresh out of the nest, Christmas is hard, because you realise that you are now in charge of making it special rather than sit and wait for your family to make it so for you.
It takes years of figuring it out, and in my case moving across the globe probably made it even more challenging. But there is power in being the master of your own family traditions and having fun with that. After so many years, I would not have it any other way and I love to spread the cheer.

Just yesterday while the city of Mumbai declared a holiday for all schools due to cyclone Ockhi paying us a rainy visit, I simply invited friends over to bake Christmas cookies. It's part of getting in the festive mood, and there is nothing like sharing it with friends. 

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