Coiled rope plant holder DIY

11:34 AM

This little basket DIY project is the perfect thing to give your home a natural vibe and display your house plants in style.
This little DIY project is one I actually did weeks (if not months ago) but never got around to properly photograph until this morning.

When I made it, I just wanted to use the leftover rope I had from my hemp rope mat project. And I had a whole lot of it left since 10 meters of rope really goes a long way.
I knew I wanted to do a basket, but didn't have an idea as far as its usage was concerned. Once I finished it it was clear it would look awesome on my coffee table with a plant in it.

But December hit us, with the succession of social engagement, and the regular end of year stuff, not to mention Holiday decor, and so, my basket went in hiding (in a wardrobe).

Then Ishita had a school holiday homework that asked us to get a small plant, and observe it daily for 10 days and record its growth and all (you know because people aren't busy during the Christmas/New year break!)
Since we are not exactly green thumbs in this family, I headed to the nursery and asked the guy to point us in the direction of a small house plant that would grow enough to look like it did something in 10 day.
He immediately showed us a peace lily which already has a forming flower bud. BINGO!

We took care of that plant, took picture, made a journal for school and Ishita had to take said plant back to school for a while. You know, to talk about it and have something to show for her effort ahem! Mama's dedication to the project!

The plant came back home yesterday and I immediately took the rope basket out of the wardrobe and plopped it on the coffee table.
And before any of you animal lovers start getting your panties in a knot, I KNOW that peace lilies are poisonous to cats if they eat it.

But do not, I repeat DO NOT worry, my cat is not a plant nibbler, she ignores all of my plants, including the bunch of money plants we inherited with this flat (which are also toxic), this kitty really do not care one bit about greens. So we are good.

The only reason my cat is in the picture is because she was in a mood to photobomb every single pictures I took after staging the plant and pot holder. She kept rubbing the book, the iPad and magazine, and yes the rope basket. She just had to do it because she had the camera on her.
My cat is a bit of a drama queen, and photo ops are her thing.

Once I was done taking pictures, she went off the table and found a cozy place to sleep the day away, ignoring the plant, the basket and everything as she always does.

This picture above shows you exactly what she was up to the whole photoshoot, just because she is cute and can get away with it might I add.

But hey, back to the DIY project shall we?

I used the same technique I used on the rope mat. I used my hot glue gun and glued the rope as I coiled it.
The only difference being that once I reached the diameter I wanted for my basket I continued coiling it but started gluing each rows on top of one another instead of gluing them side by side.

Once I got close to reach the end of my rope length, I made sure to create two little handles. I did so by creating a little gap and loop in the coil instead of gluing it continuously.
I did that loop and gap thing on 2 opposite sides of the basket for the last two rows of rope.

Then, to make my little handles more interesting I used some blue twine I had left over from this cute bottle project I did a few years ago. I simply rolled and glued it around the handle using plain old Fevicol (white glue) to do the job.

Natural rope is not water or moisture friendly, so if you are going to use your little basket as a plant holder like I did, make sure that the pot is first placed in a dish or waterproof holder first.

In this case, I used one of the old Take out food container I insist on hoarding and placed the plant in it, and then the container inside the basket.

Shopping guide (all the links below are affiliate links)

- Natural Hemp rope
- Hot glue gun
- Blue twine
- Fevicol glue

A quick rope basket DIY, no-sew project.

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  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Happy basant panchami to you and family. May Godess Saraswati bless you with creativity, knowledge and posititivity.

    The rope basket is beautiful and so is the peace lily. I can imagine the amount of effort that has gone into this project.


    1. Thank you, wishing you the same.

      This project is actually much simpler to pull than it looks, I think I was done with it under an hour. Keeping the plant alive is probably going to be the biggest challenge :-)

  2. Very interesting creations. :-)


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