Ultraviolet is in the house!

11:09 AM

If you've been living under a rock recently, or if what's in and out when it comes to colors you should know that Pantone's color of the year for 2018 is called Ultraviolet.

This means that everything purple is officially IN this year and just last month I put a cute little shopping guide to bring the cutest most awesome color of the year ever into your home.

And of course, I can't have a blog which has "Be bold and colorful" as a tagline without a home that is living to the name (and it does a lot of the time).

Purple along with light blue is my favourite color, but I do wear it more than I decorate my home with it. And it's probably a color you will find a lot in my artwork.
My common bathroom has a purple mat and a matching hand towel, and the living room curtains are a light shade of purple and so far that is about it.

And I would have left it at that if my 3rd electric tea kettle in 6 years didn't die last week after less than a year. Kettle that was not even worth repairing or even safe considering that steam would find its way in the handle, condense and drip at the bottom near the power outlet.

That was the last straw

Enough was just about ENOUGH, as convenient as electric kettles are, it's not worth it if they die after just a few months, or 3 years at the most for the one I had just before.
It's a lot of plastic and wires and stuff hitting the landfills for no good reason, and often all in the name of planned obsolescence. 

I decided to go back to an old school kettle this time. The type that cannot short circuit and be a fire hazard. The type that does not even need electricity to work if you have a gas stove. The kind that is low maintenance, and will still  whistle to let you know when your water is boiling. 

Growing up I remember having a less stylish one at home, it was before electric ones took the world by storm, in the 80's.
I was little, and not a huge tea drinker then, but its whistling sound still bring memories of cold winter days and steaming cup of teas. 

I don't remember why or when my mom decided to replace said kettle with an electric one, but I remember using the new addition to the household a lot. Because back then, my transformation into a tea drinking machine was more or less complete. 
And if you must ask, by the time I was 16 and in high school I was the happy nerd who would cradle a cup of black tea with freshly squeezed lemon during the morning break while all the others tried to prove their "grown up-ness" with cups of coffee. 

When I moved into my first grown up place, a tiny studio appartment in suburban Geneva, it's an electric kettle that found a tiny wee bit of space of my tiny "kitchen" bench. 
Back then I am not even sure the old fashioned whistling kettles still existed to be fair, not that I even considered buying one. 

They made a comeback it seems! 

I first saw one on Amazon a couple of years ago but by then I was still happy with kettle number 2. I vowed to buy an old school one as my next kettle then. 
But I didn't! Because that kettle broke last April shortly before I moved to this flat. And the last thing I needed was to worry about gas connection, hooking the stove and boiling water when my nerves and patience would be at it's shortest. 
So I went for that ill fated, wretched piece of Chinese crap that died last week instead. 

But now with no moves in our future, and no stress factor to stop me, it was time to go old fashioned, and I did so in style. 

Of course, the Ultraviolet shopping guide I did last month inspired me. I even featured a purple kettle in that blog post. An imported one, that would take weeks to be delivered and definitely wasn't an option I was willing to consider. 
Fortunately, I found a cheaper one, available via Amazon Prime that comes in other colors as well. but my heart was set on the purple one. 

Purple kettle I am sharing the affiliate link for even though it is already out of stock (WOW). But worry not that cute kettle is still available in what is featured as blue but according to the description will ship in random available color. 

So old school one can forget how it works

We got so used to electric kettles over the past few decades that you will be forgiven if you ask how the stove top kettle works. 
I've been asked a couple of time already and reading some of the questions asked about it on Amazon prove it's no longer basic knowledge. 

First I would not advise anybody to boil anything but water, or at the most water with tea leaves. Putting milk in one of these is asking for a mess. 
In the same way it would be messy to make milky chai in an electric one for that matter. 

Then, do not put it on the stove without putting the lid on, or forgetting to lower the whistle over the spout. The whistling sound comes from the steam build up inside the kettle, allow the steam to escape freely through another opening and the whistle won't work. 

If you have a gas stove, don't leave the flame on high, it will damage with glossy paint work. The glossy paint on this kettle will already react to the gas heat already, no need to make it worse. 

Yes, boiling water on the stove will take a bit more time than in an electric kettle, but it also does keep the water warm much longer. So if you are a chronic tea drinker like me, that's actually a good thing because subsequent re-heating of the leftover water is going to use less energy because the water has stayed warm inside. 

The fact water stays warm longer also means it's great when you have guests over, because you don't need to transfer the water to a thermos or run to the kitchen to reheat water each time someone wants a fresh cup of tea.
And with a kettle that cute looking all you need to make sure is that it rests on a trivet or pan coaster to not damage your table. As you can see in the first picture, I use our roti making board to do the job. 

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  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    You seem to be smitten by the kettle. In its purple avatar its does look attractive very different from the usual steel colour. I find its round shiny body with nozzle like an alien space ship ready to shoot lasers. Talk about imagination.

    I have often wondered about those electric kettles where the heating coil is submerged in water and whether the metal gets mixed with water while heating.

    Btw i can see you and your entire house in that kettle.


    1. Those heating coils that you plunge in water is something I have not seen since my teen years in my pottery and ceramics class. Our teacher used to boil water for tea in a ceramic jug that way.

      The electric kettle I meant was the electric jug type that switches off automatically once the water is boiled and come in stainless steel body or plastic for the cheapest. Those are the ones that replaced the whistling kettles like the purple one I bought in the early 90's in Europe.

      I think with the trend of returning to more durable and eco friendly items they are starting to make a comeback as I found out quite a few of my friends in Europe and US are going back to these.


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