Boho candle holder DIY

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It's been a while since my last DIY project on the blog, so I decided to tackle a simple project I have been wanting to do for a while (ok a long while).

A significant while ago (I seriously do not remember when) my husband go a candle holder as a secret Santa gift at work. It was a very boring looking resin thing in black and beige that looked like this :

I might go as far as calling it ugly, even though I am sure some would see nothing wrong with it as it is. For the sake of this blog post, we'll agree to disagree on the perceived "beauty"of this particular item.
The biggest problem it had on top of really not being to my taste was that it really doesn't go at all with my home decor, style and general love of color.
I hate beige in decor, HATE IT, it's oh so boring, reminiscent of the 90's, and it was pretty much the staple color in every home I visited as a decorator back in my apprentice days.
Back then I vowed that my home will NEVER be done in those super blah and flat non-color earth tones.

This meant that this candle stick had to go, and since I am all for recycling and up-cycling things I looked into giving it a makeover (a long overdue one).

For all my paint DIY project I go for Artist Acrylic paint and for this project I used two very similar hues : Cobalt Teal from Camel/Camlin and Iridescent green blue from Pebeo (both those links are Amazon Affiliate links by the way).

I used the Camel paint as a primer for my first layer since it's a beautifully opaque paint, and then applied a second coat of paint using the iridescent paint to give the candle holder a shiny look. The iridescent paint is semi-opaque, so you really need to prime your surface with another color before using it, unless you want the original color peaking through.

Once my two coats of paint were dry, I added colorful accents. For this, I used Camlin's Brilliant purple paint and I added finishing touches with my favourite thing : Gold 3D liner .

The whole project took an hour, including the drying time, so this is really something you can do even if you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to DIY projects and in this case it prevented this candle stick to find its way out of my home and probably out of a dustbin.

Candle holder makeover with paint

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