February 2018 Printable Calendar

8:30 AM

And just like that, January came and went! And now it is time for a new calendar page download, a new month, and a new snippet about the artwork.

As you may, or may not know already, every month of this year is illustrated with some of my most popular artwork which you can buy on a wide variety of products in any of my shops.

These little elephants are no exception, and in fact are available for sale in many different avatars. The original, as drawn on paper version is the purple elephant (at the bottom of the pyramid in this month's illustration). They are also one of my best seller item, and yes I have sold more than one version of the original design.
Those elephants have be the subject of countless modifications, recolorizations, tweaks and patterns. But let's start with the one that became the illustration for February first.

On Society6 you can get it on all their products, including this wall clock and that super cute sticker (available in different sizes) :

When the vertical pyramid did not work on some of their products, I just made them go right behind each other like on this adorable pouch :

The design is also available in my Redbubble shop. Redbubble is a great place to look for less ordinary clothes (they go beyond the basic t-shirts and hoodies) and you could get it on this awesome contrast tank.

If clothing is not your thing, they have the usual mugs, bags, stickers and phone cases too. On certain phone models, you can even get it as a wallet cover like this one:

Living in India and wary of international shipping? The good new is I sell on a domestic site (used to be on two of them, but Cupick is still out of comission).
The less good new is that the range of products I can sell on is extremely limited. Paintcollar only does mobile phone cases, laptop skins, posters, mugs, t-shirts and bandanas at the moment.

The big advantage Paintcollar has when it comes to phone cases is that it's available for a very wide range of brands and models, not just Samsung and iPhone like Redbubble and Society6, so if you have a less famous phone model, there is a good chance they've got you covered.

Their shipping is also fast, I tested them myself, and so far I am really satisfied with the phone case I got for my phone :

Phone case which features the first version of that elephant illustration I ever put on sale. Available here at Paintcolar but also available in my other two shops.

In fact hours after I put it up on Society6 I sold it as a notebook, I also sold a sticker version of the purple elephant more recently.

That pattern really looks great on most products so much so, that I ended up making a new version of it last January :

Meet the "Pink and tan elephants" pattern! Featured here as a floor pillow on Redbubble. It's available in all 3 of my active shops at the moment.

My little elephant illustration is just one I love playing around with in Photoshop and it seems that people enjoy seeing the result of said play time because they are all among the most popular designs in my Society6 shop.

So which one is your favourite?

P.S in case you missed the link to download the free calendar page just click here

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  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I think the design looks best vertical on the mobile phone cover, the phone cover u ordered and also the cushion cover. It fills up the space nicely enhancing its impact.

    It looks a bit odd on the t shirt and clock because of the empty space around it. You simultaneously notice the design and the space. It kind of distracts one's attention from the design.


  2. The pyramid elephants and the pattern phone case I own are actually two different designs, sold separately as such :-) Another variant is the two facing elephants on the pink paisley background you can see on my side ad on this blog. There is another variant of a pink elephant on a bacground of tinier blue elephant partern in my Society6 shop.
    I did play with that elephant doodle a lot in Photoshop.

    The vertical elephant pyramid goes well as a poster print too. The white space is intentional in that design, as it is not a pattern, like on the purple and blue elephants mobile case.
    as far as t-shirts are concerned, I am myself no longer really into having big pictures printed to show on my chest, but these graphic tees are still popular with teens and college going kids, every designers will have a t-shirt version of their artwork on those website because it usually sells well and this is probably why every single print on demand websites I came across do sell apparel.

    My artwork has sold on blankets, shower curtains, stickers, tea mugs, and notebooks so far


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