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You might have missed the announcement about my selling some of my designs on Colorpur because I haven't made it really official outside Instagram and Twitter, and mentioned it in passing on my March printable calendar post.

There has been a reason for that, and I am going to elaborate in this blog post. I ordered my first Colorpur phone case last February, and decided to go for my "Pink and Tan Elephants" design. When I recieved it, I noticed the colors were slightly off and contacted Colorpur immediately, and they have been working on rectifying this issue with me ever since, and did not disappoint one bit.

Colorpur is pretty awesome in their customer care, and guys, I know you'll be reading this, so I want you to know that working with your team has been great!

To the general public, this is how your order will reach you :

Colorpur takes great care in making you customer feel special, and they take great care into making sure you will not forget who did the artwork on your case.
The little handwritten note is a really nice touch, it doesn't take a lot of time  to write, but it has a human touch, and I love that.
As an artist, I particularly dig how they printed my artist bio on a piece of paper and slid it in the pretty packaging box. And did you notice how they used my blue peacock design to prettify that artist bio? So far they are the only one who do it, and I love that anybody who will purchase a mobile phone cover with my designs on it will be reminded who I am.

All this above is what happens to every single customers ordering a phone case through them, and hopefully you'll be satisfied with your order and leave it at that.

When my first case arrived I was left a bit perplexed because, as I said, the colors were off :

As a designer, I know that what appears on my screen will NEVER be 100% what will appear on print, but in this case I suspected the printer probably needed an adjustment.

This is something people not familiar with printers and processes might not fully grasp, and I know that in the case of a print on something plastic like a phone case, the printing process will be known as heat sublimation. This is a similar process to the one used by my Canon Selphy printer and it tends to give even more variation between the screen and print than a regular inkjet printer.

Anyway, the first phone case arrived and I noticed that what appeared as a purplish pink on screen, appeared purple on the case which was still looking fine. The problem was with the "tan" elephants. On the case they appeard heavily saturated with strong hint of neon pink that clashed with the purple one.
The picture above is not doing it justice, though you can see, that the colors between the case and an inkjet sample printed on my home printer aren't the same.

This picture above is the one I sent to Colorpur immediately after opening my package on a Saturday evening (late evening).
I was pleasantly surprised to get a reply from them immediately (as in within minutes of pressing send). They promised to look into it at the earliest.

This was followed by another email in the following week, where they informed me they were checking with the production team to see if the heat settings on the sublimation printer needed to be changed. They announced that once they would have a better print quality they would send me a replacement case.

This was followed by another email from them telling me that they were still working on getting the settings right as many trials gave unsatisfactory colors.
They ended up shipping the replacement case on Thursday and it reached me today (Saturday).

The new phone case is the one you see in the picture at the top of this blog post, and in the package picture.

This is the difference in print between the new case and the old case :

The picture doesn't do justice to the difference, but you may notice that the new case on the left has darker and less brightly saturated colors than the right.
In this instance, getting the colors a tad darker was a good idea as it replicates the tan/salmon pink hues better.

Colorpur really exceeded my expectation in trying to fix the issue, working with them has been a dream so far.
I am still in the process of uploading many of my designs with them, so be sure to check regularly. Unlike other Print on Demand companies, they get to approve or reject a design, and this process take time.
For now my designs are only available on mobile phone cases with them, and I hope that as they grow (they are a young company) they will offer more products. As far as phone cases are concerned, they make them for most big brands and models sold in India, this means that if you have a phone that is not a Samsung or iPhone you are likely to still find a case that fit.

They ship free of cost within India and at a fee abroad (yes they do offer international shipping!)

Missed the link to my shop? No problem, just click here to find me

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  1. Wow! What incredible service.
    I keep seeing that cute elephant made into an elephant-shaped throw pillow done in tapestry embroidery. If I send you some tapestry canvas can you draw that elephant on it with indelible markers for a fee?

    1. I'll have to check how big my elephant would print as a template and give it a try :-)


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