March 2018 Printable Calendar

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And just like that, we reached the 3rd month of 2018! I don't know about you, but I am not ready to bid goodbye to the pleasant temperatures Mumbai had to offer this Winter (like all Winter).

March inevitably marks the return of the scorching heat, and promises of a miserable stretch of time spent soaking in our own sweat.
March in most of India means we've hit Summer, it's hard to understand for people living in cooler climates, but here we actually don't get the same seasons than you guys, there is no such thing as Spring, or even Autumn (Fall) for us over here, and Winter means greenery, pleasant warm to cool weather in Mumbai.

The seasons we have over here are Summer from March until mid-June, then the monsoon until September, then if you live in Mumbai you get "Summer reloaded" in October and November with an intense heat and humidity that make you wish the rain never left even though you got sick of it quickly while it was there and FINALLY we have "Winter" which for us in Mumbai translates as cool nights and warm but dry days, this blissful period starts in December and shows signs of leaving us by late February (we've been sweating all last week).

So with March being the return of hell Summer, my calendar page for this month has a beachy / tropical vibe. Before I start rambling about the artwork and where you can buy it on other products, let me point you to the printable page which you can download for FREE.

Now to the promotional bit of this blog post shall we? 

The original design started as a black and white tattoo-like plumeria flower which still resides on my hard drive. It was drawn for the sole purpose of being used with an overlay, and I ended up making many variant of it. 
The pink plumeria flower that is featured on the calendar page this month is part of the artwork above where I added the words "Beach Time".  
It is available in all my shops and in the picture above you get to see how it looks on Societ6's tote.

It is one of my oldest designs offered for sale, and it was still in the days I didn't know I had to scan at a very high resolution to get big artwork, so that plumeria flower is fairly small and I usually use to make patterns now. 

I never uploaded it to Redbubble probably because of the fact it is such a small and old design of mine, but it works great on mobile phone covers and is available in India at Paintcollar and more recently Colorpur

On Colorpur, the design team decided to put it on a black background which is quite cool too and is available on many different phone brands and models
Colorpur has a different uploading process than most print on demand websites and a lot of my designs are still pending for approval there, currently they only offer mobile phone cases, and will ship for free within India, and for a fee abroad. 

This plumeria flower also has pattern variant available on both Society6 and Redbubble : 

Featured above is the "Tropical Bloom" shower curtain from Society6. I tweaked my original design, removed the border and applied different colors overlay to the flowers. As a pattern, those small flowers work really great and I have been able to apply it to bigger products easily. 

On Redbubble, I took full advantage of their selection of all over print apparel section which works really great for pattern and this cute tropical flower pattern looks amazing on their A-line dress in particular. 

Which one is your favourite? 

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  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Happy holi to you and family. May u have a colourful holi. It is getting unusually hot for this time of this year in delhi. We have left our warm clothes and are turning on the fan in february.

    The flower looks beautiful on the mobile cover, t shirt and carry bag.Is the slightly faded look part of the design? On second thoughts it does looks an ancient mysterious sign.


    1. Happy Holi to you too,

      yes the fading look is part of the design, and the design is inspired by traditional polynesian art and tattoos.

      The faded color is more to give a "weathered" beach sign look to the whole thing, it is done by scribbling in water color on paper, scanning it and then using it as an overlay on the precise and symetrical plumeria flower design which I did draw on paper with a black marker.


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