Temporary wall makeover with removable wallpaper

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As you all know, or may not know if you are new to my blog, is that I am an artist and designer and am selling my design on the US based platform called Society6.

It's a print on demand website that allows me to keep on creating art without having to worry about the production part, shipping or even billing. They sell my artwork on their product, and I get paid a commission on every sale, leaving me for sole job the task of creating more artwork and promoting existing one. It's a pretty convenient way of growing your following and fan base really.

But, that is not what this blog post is all about, except a bit about, okay, a lot about self promotion. The reason I am writing this post is that last week Society6 launched not one but TWO new products that will be a game changer if you are looking at giving your walls a temporary makeover.

Meet the wall mural :

Wall murals come in two sizes that widely depends what size the artist decided on to begin with : 8x8 feet and 12x8.
Most of my murals are 12x8 because I created a template for that size and it seems to fit most of my designs.
When you buy a mural, it will be shipped to you in tiles. In the case of the 12x8 it will come in 6 square tiles that you will have to stick on your wall, aligning them perfectly to make the design.

Society6 states that murals are printed on self-adhesive woven polyester fabric panels that are washable and can be peeled off the wall without leaving any sticky residues behind.

There other product is the wallpaper:

Like the mural, it is printed on washable self-adhesive woven polyester fabric. The difference is that wallpapers come in panels that vary in height and are all the same width. They are made to cover surfaces that vary in size with a pattern rather than one big picture like the mural.

Regardless of the heigh, each panels will be 2 feet wide, height wise Society6 give you the option of a 4, 8 or 10 feet panel and you better measure your space right before ordering.

They also have a nifty little video on YouTube to let you know how to hang your wallpaper or mural :

The reason why these two new products are awesome is that they are rental property friendly. They will peel off the wall leaving no residues behind when you are either bored with the look or will be moving out.
They pretty much work on the same principle as any wall decals you can find in the market except bigger.

Since the launch of these two products, I have been busy reformating some of my artwork to fit the dimension requirement set by Society6. The mural is fairly easy, but the wallpaper requires me to turn all my designs into seamless pattern tiles, and while the process is not overly complicated, in the case of some of my work, it can be a wee bit time consuming. Which means I started by focusing on my most popular designs first, including everyone's beloved elephants:

It's nice to see wallpaper make a comeback and be used to give a less permanent and less messy makeover to an accent wall.
Back in the 80's when I was a kid they were still a huge hit and I remember our whole flat being done in wallpaper. I also remember when my parents decided to kiss the 70's home decor trend goodbye in the early 90's and how they re-did every room with fresh wallpaper. My bedroom back then was a 70's horror of avocado green wallpaper with geometric zigzags paired with an orange wall to wall carpet.

I remember begging my dad to let me re-paint it, but he was adamant only wallpaper would do, and I would be allowed to have a room makeover only if I did most of the work myself. This meant I took all of my Autumn break to strip the room of its old paper, then repaint the ceiling with dispersion, then clog the holes in the wall with plaster, and FINALLY my dad helped me put that wallpaper up before I ripped the nasty orange rug away, revealing a beautiful wooden floor.
I remember it clearly because I was 15, and that one week of school holiday is one I divided between a synchronised swimming training camp and re-doing my room.
That week my room went from 70's horror relic to fashionable 90's sky blue sponge paint effect walls.

The trend of today regarding wallpaper has changed though, they are rarely meant to go on every walls in one room and are used to make an accent wall pop, which I think is far more reasonable and less oppressive with patterned papers. And yes that 70's horror I grew up with still haunts me frequently decades later.

You can find all of my wallpaper designs in my Society6 shop along with my wall murals, and of course more, so much more...

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