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8:00 AM

"En Mai, fais ce qu'il the plait"

If you grow up in a French speaking country in Europe, this means that May is the month you can start doing as you please. It's a stark contrast to "En Avril ne te decouvre pas d'un fil" which means : In April, do not remove one thread.
Because April is still a transition into spring month and has it's ups and downs and May has always been seen as a bit more constant, and warm.

If you live in most of India, the flavours of the month are either roasting if you live inland or steaming away if you are on the coast. I'll let you figure out which one we are enduring in Mumbai.
April has been anything but kind, and I have probably lost twice my weight in sweat already and there is no signs that May will be any nicer.

The kitchen boycott has started, and unless it is a salad or a sandwich I am really not inclined to prepare any meals until the monsoon kicks in.

But hey, it's the last full month of unbearable heat and humidity for us in Mumbai, and it's time for you guys to download this month's calendar page and start planning the next 31 days in style.

When I painted and then uploaded this artwork in my shops I named it "Pink Abstract Circles" and yes, pink is the original artwork. As some of you may remember, I featured the green and purple variant in January. That one was a recolorized version of this original:

Yep! That's right! I painted the original in shades of pink and purple, and used a gold pen to add details.
That's the magic of digitizing your artwork, you can edit it as you please later on.

This particular piece is available on quite a few products in all of my shop:

This is how it looks as a curtain on Society6, it's ofcourse available on other products like mobile phone cases, throw pillows, blankets, clocks and coffee mugs...

On redbubble, it looks great on their apparel products, and I particularly like how it looks on their contrast tank.
Or their spiral notebook :

In India you can get it at Colorpur as a mobile phone case on a wide range of phone models accross brands.

This is how it would look for my iPhone model :

So which one do you like best? And between the Purple and green version and the pink one, which one rocks your world?
Let me know in the comment. 

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  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    May reminds me of blisteringly hot afternoons followed by turbulent dust storms in the evening which brought done the temperature.

    The design looks fantastic. I specially like it on the curtain where the semi transparence of the curtain is enhancing its over look.


    1. In Mumbai we only steam away, nothing brings down the temperature at all in May, we are stuck having to wait for the monsoon to get some relief of any kind.

      This is the month I start having heat rashes and feel sticky all the time because of the constant sweating. Heat rashes I can deal with, but the feeling constantly damp and sticky and soaking through clothes in minutes really wears thin very quickly.

  2. May in Nepal alternates between sweltering heat in clear sunshine and violent (but short lived) thunderstorms.
    Your May graphic reminds me of gorgeous May wildflowers in a field (you know, the ones April showers are supposed to bring?). All different and beautiful in their own way.
    PS: Our maid asked for some of my old clothes. So I rummaged through my wardrobe & gave her some outfits I had either never worn or only worn once. Then she asked for $ to have them tailored. Giv'em an inch....

    1. Maids and their crazy demands! That is one of the things I am happy not to have to deal with anymore, because as you said, Giv'em an inch...

      I loved those wildflowers, probably the best part of Spring in Switzerland :-)


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