Coastal vibe planter DIY

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A quick DIY project to give a nice beach vibe to your home in minutes.
It's been a while since the last DIY post on the blog and one was long overdue. I even made it a goal for this month in my bullet journal to do at least one DIY post on the blog (that's how busy I am these days).

This past year, I started teaching art classes in the comfort of my home and once a week I was doing craft projects with a small group of play-schooler as part of a "homeschooling" project a few of my friends started.
When the school year ended, I got a pretty plant as a gift from my friends and the kids, and with a new indoor plant, the need for a new planter arose.

None of the fancy planters in stores were really to my taste, so I ended up going to Itsy Bitsy and bought this nice galvanised steel planter :

It is a simple, very minimalistic planter, but had tons of potential for customisation. After all Itsy Bitsy is known for their cool craft supplies both online and offline.
A little more...ok a lot more roaming around the shop for inspiration and supplies got me started on this idea of using beads and ropes to create a simple yet elegant planter with a coastal/boho vibe.

So I picked up a few beads from their bead bar (only available in their physical stores, not online), a bundle of rope, and got ready to craft :

I ended up using only one of the blue glass disks, and used two white beads I already had, plus a few metal rings and wire.

I cut two length of rope, and tied them in a flat knot in the front. Then I threaded the beads on two of the strands and used the two remaining strands to wrap around and tie in the back so that in the end it looked like this :

This means that 3 rope layers wrap around the planter and two ends dangle down with beads. Since the planter tappers down, I used the hot glue gun to apply one dot of glue under the front and back knots to prevent the rope from sliding down the planter.
And voila, I have a new planter that matches my decor perfectly, the best part is that the project only took me about 15 minutes to pull and the total cost of supplies brings me at around 300 rupees.

All the supplies were bought in Itsy Bitsy in Mumbai and some of them might be available on their website as well.
You could even decorate empty food cans using the same technique, which is really an easy craft project anybody can do.
I have enough rope left to do many other projects to complement this cute planter. Planter which is right at home in my living room on my chest of drawer. Notice how well it goes with my cute little boho candle holder?

a quick DIY project to give a bohemian or beachy vibe to your home.

While I mention Itsy Bitsy a few times in this blog post, it is worth noting that I have NOT been paid to do so. This isn't a sponsored post, I just like using their supplies and am all for sharing the love.

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  1. Good to see you have started teaching children art work. Congrats. I am sure with you experience in the field and your passion for creative works, children would love your classes.

    1. Kids have tons of fun in my classes, because I am letting them do what they want to do within the theme or technique given for the day's class.
      They all get to leave with an artwork that is truly theirs rather than a xerox copy of what the teacher made in those more academic classes that seem so popular everywhere.

      I apply the same method in my adult workshops, the theme is dot mandala painting, but they are free to use the colors and style they want, I only offers guidance.

  2. Just doing a little test as I attempt to fix the comment notification issues on the blog.

    I also apologise to all the late replies, for weeks I had no idea there were even new comments on the blog, until I decided to check in the dashboard.


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