June 2018 Printable Calendar

8:00 AM

Before I say anything else, sorry for the lack of updates in May. Last month has been pretty crazy :

Crazy busy, crazy hot, crazy everything.

It started with my laptop having problems, for some reason the battery fried while it was charging, and this led to me being without a computer for 10 days while they ran diagnostics, ordered the part and installed it.
Just when I picked it up I dealt with a nasty eye stye that got out of hand and I spent 24 hours with a monster eye patch I was not allowed to remove. Worse 24 hours of my life as I could not do ANYTHING, reading was a pain, watching TV was a pain, using the computer was a pain, cooking was impossible and I could not even pour a glass of water without making a mess.

Then it was a crazy month of social engagements, parties, end of school year stuff, and yeah the month I chose to conduct a few dot mandala painting workshops in my home, you know, just because it wasn't already insane enough.

And of course there was the infamous Mumbai May heat that makes you want to crawl into an ice cube and never come out again, or at least not until the monsoon strikes.
The month you drink the air more than you breathe it and constantly marinate into your own sweat. I pretty much forgot what it feels like to be dry at this point, and yes I am begging for rain, like I do every year.

So yeah, in this spirit, I welcome June, and all the goodness it promises to bring : The monsoon, cooler days and my birthday!
So, for this month's calendar page I picked up one of my favourite artwork to cheer myself up (and hopefully you as well), and before I ramble further about the artwork you can go download the calendar page here.

 The artwork has two orientations : vertical design as in the art print from Society6 above or horizontal like on the wall mural, still from Society6 below :

I sell this design on a wide range of products at Society6 and Redbubble, both stores are based abroad but do deliver to India if you were wondering.

At Redbubble, this design looks particularly great as an A Line dress :

On Indian websites, it is available at Paintcollar where it is available as a mobile phone case for a wide range of models accross brands, a poster print, a canvas print, a mug or a laptop skin.

What you may not know, is that this design is a digitally altered version of this original artwork of mine :

A design I wrote about in this blog post. It's an original work done with brush pens on paper in shades of pink and purple, but thanks to the magic that Photoshop is, I can modify its colors at will and created this blue version as well.
You'll get to see the pink and purple one in September as I used it to illustrate that month as well.

For now this is about it, I'll return to scanning the sky for signs of rain. I can't promise to be more regular with blogging in June, as it is Ishita's school break, and I plan to run a few art workshops, classes and yes am expecting guests for a week any day now.

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  1. Keeping up with blogging isn't easy, if we are tied down with lots of work. Good to see you back.

    1. Thanks :-)
      It definitely isn't easy to juggle everyting these days


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