Mood board update with wall decals

3:55 PM

These days I am in home organising and cleaning mode and I just chalked off one of my project off the list this week.

Some of you might remember the mood board DIY project I share last year. As fun as it was to have it around, it had to go.
First because anything made of cardboard in this humid hell is doomed to have a short life, and second, it kept crashing down because that room has a lovely breeze.
With the monsoon in full swing, that poor board got completely soggy and when it crashed earlier this week I decided not to fight it and put it back up with more "Blu tack".

I instead sat at my computer and browsed Amazon for options. And came up with this :

Once upon a time I had this idea of getting a cork board on that wall, but let's face it, it would be doomed to mold and look like crap after a monsoon or two, so I gave up that plan and looked for something a bit more practical.

Fortunately, a few months ago, I came upon a pretty nifty wall decal option on Amazon. One that didn't have an obnoxious shape and came in a decent size.

A little more browsing and I found out that "surprise surprise" it is one of these item that seems to be sold by more than one seller, so I ended up choosing the cheapest one.

If you are in the mood to buy it, and don't mind affiliate links (I get paid if you click on it and buy it) this is the name of the one I purchased : "Tiny Deal 200 x 45 cm aterproof Chalkboard Removable Vinyl Wall Sticker".
I know, I know that is very lengthy name, but this is just what the vendor chose to call it. As I said the exact same product is sold by more than one seller.

What makes it great is that it is just a roll of black adhesive vinyl, which means you can either use it "as is" or cut the shapes you need in the roll. You aren't limited by what the manufacturer decided is cool (which is inevitably butterflies, hearts, or other kiddie shapes).

This is what my office looked like after the crash of the purple mood board:

Cue in boring blank wall with dirt marks, and yes what you see taped to the wall is the football world cup schedule...don't ask (all I'll say at this point is Go! Switzerland).

My original idea was to just use the whole length of the decal and have a narrow black strip  centred on the wall above the desk.
When I received the decal roll yesterday, I rethought that plan though. The width of the roll is only 45cm, and while it is fine, having a strip 2 meter long made it look silly.
I held it in place with scotch tape before peeling of the back paper to see how that looked and I wasn't happy enough.

Instead I went with the idea of cutting two panels of 1 meter each and apply them on top of one another.

This left me with a more manageable and for more pleasing to the eye rectangle of 100 x 90 cm. The back of the decal has a printed grid, so cutting it straight was super easy.
Then I decided at what height I wanted the first panel to go, used the compass mode on my iPhone as a level to mark a straight line and applied the first panel.

Smoothing the panel was quite easy, even though I was on my own and normally that job would go better with two people. I ended up with just one small air bubble which I poked with a needle.
Then all I had to do was apply the second panel right underneath the first making sure both were lined up.

It seems that one of the feedback given by a few people on any of the sellers selling that product was that the adhesive wasn't strong enough.
Let me assure you, it is pretty strong, and those who had issue with it might have either applied it to an uneven, rough or dirty wall.
As with any decals, it also pays to rub the entire surface a few time to ensure that the whole adhesive surface is properly in contact with the wall.

During the application phase, the vinyl got a bit dirty, so once I was done I simply took a damp cloth and wiped it clean adding a bit of pressure all over to ensure once more that no air bubbles was left behind.

The wall decal comes with free chalk sticks, But I don't think I'll ever use the surface as a chalkboard to be frank. It's for me more of a space to tape pictures, paper clippings and other snippets of inspiration than anything else.

My office/study is still in need of a trolley to keep a lot of my art supplies, as right now they are scattered on the floor, inside the book self and on the spare mattresses we keep for guests. It's starting to drive hubby a bit crazy, so that is definitely not something I will postpone much longer. Ideally I would love to get the RASKOG cart from Ikea, but dang dammit they are taking way too much time to open those stores already! The one in Mumbai is not due until 2019, and the one that was supposed to open this year in Hyderabad is still not up and running.

Another project for that room would be to have a few floating shelves above the desk, and yes, at one point get a sofa cum bed instead of those two guest mattresses pilled up on the floor. Oh and as a super duper extra, a way to contain that jungle of wires you see in the picture above.
When those flats were built, the developper didn't think the room needed more than one plug point, which is kind of ridiculous in our time and age. 

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  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    What's the flamingo print on your board? Do you sell it by any chance?


    1. This is the original painting that I used to create a print for product.

      Currently it is on sale at Society6, Redbubble and Pixels only. It's available as an art print in various sizes, and on pretty much all other products those sites sell as well.

      You can find all the links to my shops if you click on the "Shop" tab at the top of this blog.

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Thank you! I'll definitely have a look.


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