70's flower on a Society6 cutting board

1:26 PM

Society6 has launched quite a few new products in the past few weeks, most of them right on time to bring some oompf to your next barbecue party or fun gathering with friends.

These products are the serving tray, coasters, and cutting board. All of which you can find in the "Table top" category in my shop.

When they finally launched the cutting board, I KNEW I had to get one for myself and I took advantage of a free worldwide shipping offer they had going when they launched the new products.

I decided to go with the "70's Aqua palette" design because due to it's dimension it was available on a round board rather than a square, and I really wanted a round board or platter to display cakes and munchies on my dinning table.

I ordered the board on June 12th , and it arrived at my home on June 28th as a late birthday present that was totally worth waiting for.

Once again, the quality of the print is awesome and the colors really match the original. the board is sturdy and thick (around half an inch thick) and the art print side has a nice glossy and splatter proof finish.

According to Society6, the art print size is meant to display prepped food at your table and serves the dual purpose of acting as a wall art decoration in your kitchen when you hang it on a hook when not in use.

All the cutting and actually food prepping can be done on the natural wood size that looks like this :

The wood side has a nice matte finish and really reminds me of the wooden cutting boards my mom had in her kitchen when I was growing up.

Society6's cleaning tips for this item is to gently wipe with a damp cloth, so I guess it would be best to avoid cutting and prepping meat and messy fruits on it.

I'm not sure I'll ever use mine as an actual cutting board, the idea when I purchased it was to have a nice serving platter to display cakes, canapés and finger sandwiches when I have guests over.

Right now it's on display on my dinning table at all time, but I am thinking about where to hang it in my tiny kitchen as well, I just haven't made up my mind about it just yet.

All in all, it was another good experience ordering on Society6 from India, and once again the delivery was quite fast. Some of you might remember my first really good experience ordering a carry-all pouch from them.

When you order from India, it is best to wait for one of their regular promotion to save money, bonus if you can wait for a "free shipping" offer, because international shipping can really make your purchase quite expensive.

The full retail price for the cutting board is 25$ and I didn't pay any custom duty on it. More expensive items might attract a duty fee, though I have no idea what is the actual maximum amount exempted from custom duty fees in India. I googled it but I keep getting conflicting info about what the threshold is.

As I said the first time I ordered from them, you must be aware of the fact that cash on delivery is not an option, and that ordering from India you MUST make the payement via PayPal as they do not support Indian credit cards on their own payment gateway. 

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  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    A tad bit expensive for those buying in Rupees.

    1. Yes it can be a bit steep indeed, BUT those are original designs, and each purchase made at Society6 does pay an artist. My share on the total price of that cutting board is 2.50 dollars. Considering I don't have to keep an inventory, worry about manufacture or shipping, this is still pretty good.

      I have seen some plastic and wood cutting boards in India that near the 1000 rupees, and have no art on them. So in the end, you could also consider this purchase a work of art. It can after all be hanged on a wall.

      Some of the items on Society6 actually are at par in price with some of the stuff you may find in trendy Indian stores too.

      So if you are in for the cheap utilitarian purchase, this is not the place to look. If you are looking for some unique designs it's worth going for it. Again remembering that Society6 does pay a royalty on each sale to the artist.

      I have seen a couple of well known designs for sale on cheap phone cases in the market around my home. I feel sad and a bit angry inside, because those designs got stolen, and sold for still around 3-400 rupees a case minimum, when in India there is Colorpur that works the same as Society6 and pays artists per sale and sell mobile phones for about 5-600 rupees, sometimes cheaper depending the model.

      In the end as I said, it depends how you see your purchase. If you are going to pay nearly 2000 for a framed picture in a megastore like Home Centre or Home Stop in India, you can spend 1600+ rupees on a cutting board that doubles as wall art.


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