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As the monsoon and the school break continue, so does my keeping myself busy with small home decor updates and project.

One room that has been long overdue for any makeover is our common bathroom. In this flat we have only 2 baths and the common one will never be used to it's full bathroom potential due to a water pipe issue.
For some unexplained reasons, the hot water flows freely out of the wash basin tap, but won't come out of the shower tap or even the shower head. 4 plumbers have looked at it, tried to unclog it and eventually ran away from the challenge.

This means that we only use this bathroom as we would a powder room. Our day guests use it, and I use it the rest of the time to wash my paint brushes, and store the mop buckets and the cat litter tray.

Since this bathroom will never get fully wet, this means we can really decorate it in ways we never could in any of our previous bathrooms.
And since guests use it, keeping it pretty and neat is something that is much needed.

Out of a long list of ideas and projects I have for that room, adding some greenery has always been close to the top.

For a long while, I thought about getting a bunch of artificial plants, because let's face it, the bathroom is not exactly the room that gets the most light.

But I rethought that idea, because I have money plant invasion in my home, and along with it, the unlimited supply of plant saplings.
Seriously, with money plants all you need to get yourself a new plant is to simply snip a stem, soak it in water and it grows new roots.

When we moved into this flat last year, I inherited 5 money plants that a previous tenant left in. All plants were still alive when we moved in, and despite my brown thumb, they thrived. At this point I don't really think it's possible to kill a money plant.
3 of them have formed a near unpenetrable jungle on the master bedroom balcony, and because money plants not only propagate easily but also survive in pretty much any conditions, that made them a perfect candidate for my bathroom.

I snipped a few stems from my master bedroom personal jungle and put them in a jar of water. As of now, I plan to let them grow in water rather than introduce a messy pot with soil, but that might change in the future. The good thing about money plants, or pothos as they are also called, is that they will stay alive and grow in just water.

I decided to add a touch of DIY to that project though. Sure, I could have just stuck them in any boring old jar and called it a day, but that is not who I am.

So instead, I took a boring old jar and took my "dragon fruit pattern" and used it to create a jar label that I printed on regular paper and then waterproofed using packing tape. Then I wrapped it around my glass jar.

Then I arranged my money plant stems in a pretty way (I did tape a few to guide them upward as they grow). And voila! Quick bathroom decor solution!

I am offering this dragon fruit label as a FREE printable, you can use it to prettify any of your glass jars or canisters, be it in your bathroom, kitchen or pretty much elsewhere. All I ask is that you do not sell it or redistribute it as your own. It's for your free and personal use only.

If you end up putting a cute little decorative project using it, be sure to take pictures and upload them to Instagram tagging me in your post @homecynhome

Next on the agenda in that room is more color and less clutter. I really need to tame the collection of paint brushes, paint water cans and jars, and other odds and end I keep around. Right now whenever guests come over I usually work hard to make the room look less like dump, but I have no permanent solution to the clutter, and throwing it in a corner of my study hardly count as a solution. 

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