July 2018 printable calendar

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This is that time of the month again! Time to download and plan this July in style.

For me that will be another busy month, the school break is on until the end of the month. There is also our wedding anniversary and Ishita's birthday on the same day (no it wasn't planned at all). That also means a birthday party to plan, school stuff to buy, and I still conduct workshops and art classes all along.

So before I ramble any further about this month calendar page and the artwork, you can go download it here.

If you want to hang in a bit longer and learn a bit more about the artwork and where you can buy it to decorate your home, or flaunt it as accessories, let's dive in!

Sadly, I must announce that if you are based in India, there are no domestic print on demand sites catering that design. In the one year I've been selling my artwork online, I saw the demise of both Cupick and Paintcollar, and I haven't uploaded this particular design on Colorpur.

This is one of my oldest design. I uploaded it last year when I first started on Society6 along with quite a few variant of it.

This one goes by the name "India Vibe : Ocean blue paisley" and the most recent product Society6 launched with it is this wall hanging (it's available for all my designs)

It's one of those designs that pretty much look good on every items, you really can't go wrong with it. I like how it looks on that carry-all pouch in particular :

At Redbubble it looks pretty amazing on all their apparel line, but I am more of a home decor item person, so I will for once share how it looks on one of their throw pillows :

What you may not know, is that this design was drawn on paper in black and white and then painstakingly cleaned up in Photoshop. I'm not joking I spent hours to get it right because I drew it on  a cheapo paper with an ink pen and the scanner picked up a lot of bleeding.

If you remember well, I once showed you how it looked on a Cupick notebook I purchased :
Sadly, Cupick is no more, but rest assured that both Society6 and Redbubble have notebooks options as well, you'll just have to spend a little time going through my shops.

This is also a design that made a few sales in a more recent avatar :
Recently enough I sold not one but TWO of these Rose Gold paisley pillows on Society6. And I sold two "Relaxed fit t-shirt" both in Navy color (and no, not for the same person as they shipped to two different countries) :

So which one got your heart?

If you have gone to the shops and browsed around a little, which one is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments below...and yes, I solved the email notification error that prevented me to know when you guys left a comment, so this time I'll know right away and will reply. 

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