5 reasons why you should REALLY follow me on Instagram

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If you've been following this blog for a while, you might have noticed one obvious thing : I post less frequently.

I don't see this changing in the immediate future for a couple of reasons. This first one being that I am deeply invested into growing my art venture and that to do so, I need to...well...paint and sketch and draw.
This takes a lot of my time, and that time has to come from somewhere, since I can't really stop taking care of my family and become a hermit, and I still flat out refuse to hire a maid again. This time has to come from the amount of time I once allocated to blogging.
And if you remember well, I did at one point dedicate several hours a day to the blog alone.

Secondly, I want the focus of this blog to STOP being about my personal life, there can be some of that, but seriously I really want Home Cyn Home to be about the art, the colors and living life on your own term.
So there, I set the term that this blog shall not be about my husband's culture and nationality and how I "adjusted" to that. There are still a few blogs about that, mine stopped being one a few years ago, and now, more than ever, I want that BS to stop.

Third, last and certainly not least, I have shifted my online presence toward Instagram in the past year or so and I am even more dedicated to it than ever before.
I am doing it for a bunch of reasons and today I am here to let you know WHY you should follow me there.

You get to see my artist process

As I paint a lot more than ever before, I also do put a lot more pictures of what I am up to. You get to see some of my work in progress, finished pieces, and doodles that will never be up for sale. 
It's easier for me to snap a picture, edit it on the phone and upload it to Instagram than it is to write an entire blog post about it. 
It's also easier for me to grow my following and audience on Instagram. On the blog I had to dedicate hours to promotion and marketing to get any visibility, and sadly I had to do most of it from my laptop, at my desk. 
With Instagram, I still spend a few hours a week promoting and interacting, but I can break it all through the day. 
Waiting at the Dr's office, while commuting, whenever I have some downtime...all I need is my phone and my phone goes everywhere I go. 

You get to hear about my daily life

If that is what you missed from the blog, that part has moved to some extent to my Instagram account. On a blog you really need to write lengthy posts and I seriously do not have the time to ramble about tiny daily life things in 1000 words.
So instead I give you a 2-3 sentence update in the form of captions under my Instagram pictures. 

It can get even more personal and random than ever before

Instagram offers me the possibility to dedicate my feed to curated pictures and well thought captions that will live forever (or as long as I keep my account open) and yet I can really post random stuff that make no sense or relate to the brand I am creating with Instagram stories. 
Those stories only live for 24 hours, and I update you all on the really random and mundane stuff like where my cat sleep or how the salad I ate for lunch looks like. On occasion I even share videos and you may have that chance to hear my voice...if that is not reason enough to follow me there, what is? 

This has been one of the recent story I posted by the way : 

You can interact with me

I'm less and less in favour of lengthy comments and debates on the blog, simply because they take a lot of time I do not want to spend. 
I found that Instagram pretty much push people to keep it simple. It's not that the platform is against interaction, it's just that once again, it's simpler, and faster. 
I reply to comments on my pictures, and unless you are a creepy guy is looking for an awkward "frandship" I will also read your direct message and reply to them.

Not missing a post is easier

On a blog you either need to subscribe to my email feeds or subscribe to a feed reading service like Bloglovin (and remember to pay it a visit). 
On Instagram, all I you have to do is turn on post notification and bam! Your phone will let you know when I have posted a new picture. 
If notifications aren't your thing, know that if you interact with my posts in one way or another on a regular basis, my content will be boosted to the top of your feed so that you get to see it first, along with making my Insta-stories first in the list as well. 

The blog won't be dead

Don't worry though, this blog won't go anywhere, it's just that you can expect it to be more about things I really think are worth more than a few sentences, and more brand centric than anything else. 
There is likely to be more posts about what it takes to make being an artist your whole life along with DIY projects and colorful decor tips and shopping guides. 
The interaction that take place on Instagram is going to widely reflect what is going to get published on the blog too. 

Right now I am in a place where I want Home Cyn Home to be a lifestyle brand and that is pretty much what this blog will become. If all you want is the fun personal stuff, again head to Instagram. 
My handle there is @homecynhome, you can also click in the footer of this post or on the header of this whole blog to find me. 

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