August 2018 Printable Calendar

8:30 AM

Another month bit the dust just like that! For us July was a busy month of birthday, back to school preparations, and finally saw me starting to get back into a work with no kids at home routine.

August is going to be business as usual, as I am exploring other art related ventures and ideas. With Ishita back in school I can give my undivided attention to anything creative again, and it feels great.
For me the Summer break is that crazy time where I feel like my mind and time is split between being an artist and being a mom. Sometimes it is hard to make the two balance each other harmoniously.

With the August comes a new calendar page for your to download and print, and as usual I'll be rambling about the art and all the cool items you can buy it on in my online shops.

The artwork goes by the name of Mandala peacock and the original was drawn with brush pens and fine liners on an A5 sheet of Bristol paper. Once scanned, cleaned and prepped for print it goes on a wide range of products, like this Society6 tote bag in the picture above.
The design is pretty much available on all their products, be it as a stand alone peacock design, or as a pattern like in this floor cushion :

One of my favourite of Society6's latest items with that design are the cute set of 4 coasters :

On Redbubble it shines on their apparel range such as this Contrast Tank :

On Redbubble, I uploaded both the stand alone and the pattern version separately, so that both designs are available on all their relevant products.
So for example, you can get the same contrast tank top in both variant of the design, or on any of their products for that matter. This is how the patterned version would look on their iPhone wallet case :

In India, since the demise of Paintcollar, this design is only available as a mobile phone case with Colorpur

This is how it looks on a standard iPhone 6/6s case, but the strength of Colorpur is that they have cases for phones accross all major brands and models, so if you have a phone that isn't Apple or Samsung you are still pretty assured to find a case with them.

I also uploaded the patterned version with them and you can see it on this iPhone 6/6s case with a hole for the logo :

There is also a blue version of that design available in all the shops mentioned above. Recolouring a design is something I do regularly as not everybody is fan of a certain version. This is how it looks in its blue avatar on a carry-all pouch :

On Colorpur, this is a design I sold twice in it's blue version already.

See you next month for another design and shopping guide. 

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  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    The peacock design is most beautiful because of its brilliant colours and the way it spreads and occupies space. It is complete in itself.

    Meanwhile, it is raining continously in delhi. After some twenty years it feels like monsoon. It rained for one whole week just like good old days.

    August is the beginning of the festive calender. Eagerly waiting for rakshabandan, janamastmi and independence day.


    1. Rains have been very light so far this month, we had a crazy downpour in the first half of July, and then rains vanished for a while. Now we have a few very short spells here and there but nothing major.


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