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As you all know, I am a big bullet journal fan since I discovered how flexible and versatile the system is in 2017.
Since then I moved from a lined notebook to a dotted grid one, I also added more spreads and pages this year, and this is what is really leading me to this post today.

Until last year, it was pretty dang near impossible to get a dotted grid journal at an affordable price in India. It was either Moleskine or Leuchtturm which are both imported, and INSANELY costly.
The rest of the world might swear by these two and there are no shortage of blog post and Instagram accounts vouching the merit of one above the other.

Fortunately in India a good alternative did make an appearance last year, and this is the one I have been using all through this year :

The notebook is from "myPaperclip" and you can get it in some well stocked stationary and art supplies shops, or at Amazon (this is an affiliate link by the way).

As notebooks go, you all know I raved about it already, and I still love that journal a lot...BUT...because yeah, there is a but in that story, it has some limitations.

The first issue I have with this notebook is one less avid users might not have, but is something that is a big turn off for me.
The cover is not washable and does get dirty pretty quickly, don't believe me? This is the picture taken just today:

As you can see, the color is less pretty than it once was, and I really don't care much about the greasy spots on the cover, spots that I might add are all natural skin oil, it's not like I used my journal to blot some grease off a pizza or took it to the dinning table. It also has a few dirt spots from all the dust it attracted sitting on my desk the whole day long, and occasionally being shoved in my purse. And, monsoon oblige, the oily spots did get moldy, which I tried to wipe clean.

Last but not least, since it is a soft cover, it  tends to bend, and you can see a bend line right smack in the middle of the cover.
The binding is still in good condition but the spine looks a bit worn out still.

My other problem with this journal is more of a space issue than anything else, and again it is a drawback because of the fact that I have gone a bit more overboard with lists and pretty spread in this BuJo than I did in my first one.
With this journal you are limited to 192 pages, and believe it or not, I'm about to run out of pages before the end of this year!

Until recently I was about to just go for another journal of the same brand, because I didn't see much of another options in dotted grid journal.
Fortunately, thanks to my lucky stars, I stumbled upon a picture from a fellow instagrammer based in India who bragged about the merit of her MatrikaS journal.

For the record, this is the purple notebook in the picture above, and yes I immediately headed to Amazon to buy it (yup another affiliate link).

I did so for a couple of reasons, but the first one is that I knew MatrikaS notebook already. Not the dotted one, but the other products, I own two lined notebooks from them already and love them, one of which is my Gratitude Diary.

The second reason is the number of page it contains, it's much bigger than the myPaperclip notebook and contains 248 numbered pages, plus about 10 or so extra page that are non dotted or numbered and are extra pages in this journal.
The non dotted pages belong to the index, address book, and a page for books to read and places to visit. It also has been specially designed for bullet journalists and comes with 4 sheets of stickers bound at the end of the notebook:

The other big pro of that notebook over the other is that it's hardbound and the cover is covered in washable PU synthetic leather. This means that not only the journal won't bend and tear if carried around a lot, the stains on the cover can be wiped off easily.

It also has a the added bonus of coming with 3 page markets instead of just one, has a pen holding loop, and a pocket on the back cover :
The instant I received it, I got right to work to begin setting it up. I will be starting using it this December as I won't have space left for that month in my current BuJo.

This coming year, I aslo decided to make a change in how I organise the yearly planning. The past two years I went with this "year at glance system" :

It had a bunch of pages at the start of the journal to jot down events and appointments I knew about well in advance, often much before I got to the point of making a monthly spread for it.

The problem of that system, is that I had no idea how it looked in terms of days or weeks or how it all fit into my month. And if a new event came, I had to add it on the next line, breaking the chronological order.

So this time, I did make a monthly grid for every single months right after the other at the start of the journal :

This journal will go from December 2018 to December 2019, and yes I have already created every single monthly spread for it.
I then will move from one month to the next with the usual daily lists, to-do list, menu planning, and my habit trackers and gratitude lists.

I haven't gotten to that point in the set up yet, but I will also keep some of the same lists I have in my current journal such as this cute "Book I read" tracker :

or the movies watched, Instagram followers and other lists I'd rather keep private for that matter. With that many more pages to plan, and an Index at the beginning of the notebook to find them quickly, I no longer have to worry about space issue the way i'm finding myself worrying now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing the myPaperclip journal, as I said,  it's still a great one, but probably work best for less avid bullet journalists.
I'll say that though, price wise, MatrikaS wins hand down. Their notebook is priced between 360 and 400 rupees depending the color (and they have a few). This purple one was 400 on Amazon.

The myPaperclip is priced at 795 at MRP which is quite a huge difference in price, one I am not too crazy about now that I found another option for my BuJo needs.
But if you are looking for a less heavy, less bulky notebook, they are still your best bet on the Indian market. 


  1. Thank you for this article!!❤I just found the right bullet journal for me😊

    1. I'm glad this post helped you. Happy bullet journalling to you :-)

  2. Hi five!! I've just recieved my mantrikas bujo from amazon and i will be using it from dec 2018 to dec 2019 too.
    The only drawback is that the paper is thin.water colour Brush pens easily bleed through.

    1. Yay! Enjoy!
      Which watercolor brush pens are you using? In general watercolor is not meant to go on your typical notebook paper.
      I've been using Tombow Brush pens and Sakura Koi brush pens in mine and there is no problem of bleeding through.
      If I go a bit hard with my Signo Uniball gold pen, it does bleed through, but all of my fine liners are going fine on paper.

      Some people had issues with cheap student grade markers too, but that doesn't surprise me because these are ridiculously heavy on water and destroy almost every type of paper I've used them on.


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