Moroccan lantern makeover

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Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog folks! I am super busy with numerous projects offline, and to add to it, the festive vortex has started and I just survived an entire week of school holiday (a little over a month after kids went back to school...totally makes sense).

My life in September so far has been a whirlwind of drawing, painting, art class, exploring new ventures and a lot of playdates, because yeah, this introvert clearly needed to overbook herself in social interactions (the things we do as parents I tell you!)

Anyway, I finally decided to sit myself down, and get that blog post about my Lantern chalk paint makeover this fine Sunday morning :

I actually completed this project a couple of weeks ago, and it was the one project that got me suddenly in hyper mode to repaint my coffee table. The way it happened, was that I started yet another Sunday morning decided it would be cool to give a very old and rusty Moroccan style lantern a much needed makeover, and that very same day ended with me putting a coat of varnish of my coffee table after a run to the Itsy Bitsy store and 6 hours of painting and sanding said table.

Because that is how impulsively creative I can be.

But back to the lantern shall we? It's after all the catalyst to my mad furniture painting spree. This is what it looked like before I worked my magic.

I bought it in 2011 a few months after we moved to Mumbai, and back then it was white with a crackle effect that revealed hints of gold.
Many moves and even more monsoons later, it is white with no longer really subtle hints of rust and dirt. This is a massive problem in Mumbai : metal rust, and it rust fast! I lost a few wire racks shelves, and I spray painted my bedside table lambs at least 5 times already to hide the rust (that keeps coming back!)

The first step was to wash the lantern, and with all those hard to reach corners and holes, I took out the heavy guns.
I ceremoniously grabbed my lantern, headed to the bathroom and generously sprayed it with the high pressure butt cleaning spray shower.
Seriously folks, whenever you have something super dusty or dirty, don't bother scrubbing and loosing your mind, just go spray it in the bathroom. The butt shower spray thing has more than one use!

Once it got dry, I got to work applying 3 coats of Itsy Bitsy Chalk paint in "Whipped sea foam" which is a very pale green hue. The link above is by the way NOT an affiliate link, I get nothing if you click on it, there is zero string attached :-)

Before I got to the painting bit, I had to cover the glass panels the best I could with some paper to prevent the paint that inevitably got in the holes to stain the glass. I forgot to take a picture of that part, sorry!

Once the last layer of chalk paint was dry, I used a needle to clean every single holes this lantern has clean and decided to add some golden accent with a shiny gold acrylic paint.

I could have stopped there, but the inside of my lantern had wax spills that never really went away and I had that vision of decorating the inside with mirror shards. I picked up some at the Itsy Bitsy store when I went to buy the paint to get cracking on my coffee table and got to finish my lantern a couple of days later.

I chose to go with mirrors and blue glass triangles to do the job, and on a rainy morning, I got to work:

I used the good old "All Fix" glue from Fevicol, which is a transparent, fairly fast drying gooey glue that comes in a tube and is my favourite craft glue.

At this point I am not sure if I'll ever put the string of LED lights back in the lantern, if you all remember, this is something I did in my previous flat to brighten up the dinning corner of my living room. But in this flat, the lantern sits in my office (aka study) and I don't have need of more light in there as I already have a nice bright reading lamp on my desk, and a corner tripod lamp. The lantern really only has a decorative function here.

We do use it as a light on Diwali, and I have a few more weeks before deciding what to do with it this year, but right now, I am strongly leaning toward getting some LED candles to use in it, like these cute pillar candles I added to my wish list on Amazon (This one IS and affiliate link by the way).

Now that I have caught up on my craft project blog post, I can go back on working on the 2019 Calendar printable, and all the other projects I have in the pipeline, this means I can't really guarantee another blog post this month, at least not a DIY project.
I might do a few art related posts in the future, but as I said, these days, most of the action happens on my Instagram account, and if you aren't convinced yet, here are all the reason why you should follow me there. 

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