September 2018 Printable Calendar

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I am still in disbelief over the fact we are in September already. I mean seriously I haven't seen August pass at all, yet here  we are!
In Mumbai that is going to be the end of the Monsoon this month (unless we go into extra-time like last year) and for everyone in India that is the beginning of what I call the "Festive Vortex" with a string of public holidays, festivals, and fun that will go pretty much all the way to Christmas. It's hard to catch your breath when you have kids in school during those months.

On the work front, I started working on the 2019 edition of the printable calendar, but you won't get to download it until December. The best way to know what I am up to these days it to seriously follow me on Instagram.

Meanwhile, here I am giving you the opportunity to download and print my September 2018 Calendar page and start planning the month in style.

You might remember this design from the June calendar page, what you may not know is that the June version is a re-colourised one. The original artwork done on paper was in the color used this month.
In fact that design started as an experiment with a yogurt pot holder plastic thing and my Sakura Koi markers (this is an affiliate link).

Like the blue variant, this design is also available at Society6 and Redbubble on many different products, it goes by the name of "Purple Flower Mandala"  :

I think it looks particularly awesome on this  Wood Wall Art panel from Society6, like with pretty much all of my design, there is a pattern version available on select products like this Society6 mug :

On Redbubble, it's probably one of the last design I didn't upload in two separate version the stand alone and patterned version separately. The sticker below is as awesome as it gets for the stand alone design :

The patterned version looks good especially on their apparel range like this A-line dress, which if you ask me, is really the strength of Redbubble over Society6 (S6 offers more homedecor items).

Both Society6 and Redbubbles ship worldwide, and I have put Society6 services and shipping to India twice, so I can totally vouch for them. One of these days I'll put Redbubble to the test too.

As of now, this design is only available with Colorpur as a mobile phone cover on the Indian market . I show you what it looks on an iPhone cover, but Colorpur manufactures cases for all major phone brands and models.

Once upon a time there was Cupick and Paintcollar, but both companies have shut down, and in the little over a year I have been actively licensing my artwork It's two companies in India that have closed shop without even as much as a warning.
I got rejected by another I will not name here, and have been actively prospecting another one for months now, only to have the feeling they are rejecting me.

Overall, that sadly leaves me a bit mistrusting about the quality and durability of the Print on Demand model in India. You probably understand that as a designer, I feel better working with the big international brands for art licensing. I lost money with both Cupick and Paintcollar as my dues were never paid, something I really don't have to worry with both Society6 and Redbubble as they pay me promptly every month no matter the amount due. 

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