Massive blog post clean up

12:26 PM

Photo credit : Amy Shamblen for Unsplash
Today I decided to do what I should have done years ago : purge my blog post history.

I have made it no secret that this blog is no longer what it once was about. I did start it in 2004 under a different name, back then it was all about my daily life in India as a Swiss girl navigating her 20's, life and expatdom.
But like everybody, I grew up, and with the 30's came parenthood, new challenges, a lot of reflection about my identity and how I wanted to live the rest of my life.

Down the line, the blog became known as Home Cyn Home, and along with it grew an urge to do more art, more decor, and yes, create my own business.

The more I think about it, the stronger the pull is. As I near age 40 (less than a year to go) I no longer want to be defined by a move I made 15 years ago.
Truth be told, I NEVER wanted to be defined by my husband's nationality or culture, or even by were I live, at least not publicly, and certainly not by internet strangers.

In my 20's I didn't know that it was what I wanted, and I had been too busy in the first half of my 30's to give it much thought. But now I know! And along with that resolution, it's about 700 blog posts I gave the axe to.

What a purge! 

- It's 700 posts of daily life and rambling that is frankly, nobody's business. 
- It's 700 posts of personal life I don't want linked to my business plan
- It's 700 posts that really make no sense at that stage in my life
- It's 700 posts that should never define my public identity

There I said it! 

This blog is about a lifestyle full of colors at the moment, but I remember that the instant I decided on the name Home Cyn Home 5 years ago, I had that dream of one day turning it into a design and home decor brand of some sort. 
I'm still working on this goal, I refine it as I go, and as a result, things like hating the weather or facing the gossip brigade in my neighbourhood is really no longer something that serves that goal. I can still post some of that in my Instagram stories. It just doesn't need to live for eternity with a permalink on the blog. 

That said, I kept some of the posts that matter from that long gone era. Some that clearly would help an expat navigate the cultural differences and culture shock we all faced living in a different country. I kept some of the parenting posts that clearly help solve a problem too. In short, I kept the kind of posts that align with the lifestyle brand I am creating.

I will restructure all my labels in the next couple of days, and probably re-write and re-publish some older blog posts I kept but feel outdated. 

My apologies...

If you were the type who followed my blog because of my past image, sorry to let you down, but I must spread my wing, live life as I see fit, for myself. There are other blogs that still exist and tell the tale of a woman struggling to adjust to a new culture. 

The life I am living is anything but traditional, I live in a big metro, I'm nearly 40, short and mini dresses wearing, enjoying fine dinning and colorful art...and I can afford it. So I won't even make any excuse about it. 
The life I live is different from the one of a 20 something, it's different than that of some women just entering into this whole multicultural relationship thing. And to be fair, a lot of my blog posts were about an India that has changed. 
A 20 something fresh of the boat and thrown in the mayhem of intercultural relationships wouldn't even really be able to relate to my agony of not finding Christmas cookie cutters I had circa 2006. 

Keep on reading

Keep on reading if you are interested in home decor, lifestyle, DIY and design peppered with anecdote from my daily life. 
That's what this blog is about, more than ever before. 

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  1. Awesome Cyn. Releasing leads to greater growth. I deleted hundreds of blog posts over 2 years ago. Led to some immense clarity and greater growth.

    1. Yes I feel a lot lighter without that blog baggage, I might delete some more later, but for now I want to check which super old posts could be re-written and published again.

  2. Sounds perfect, Cyn! I recently rebranded my site and felt the exact same thing. I haven't purged any posts but I've just not updated the really old ones that aren't reflective of the current space of the blog. I'm glad I made the shift and I'm happy you've done the same. Wishing you a bright future for the business and the blog too. :)

    1. Thanks for the warm wishes. I'm so glad I made that purge really, it's funny how blogs evolve as we do huh?

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    The great purge was indeed needed, some of the posts were quiet ancient. Best of luck for your future projects.


    1. Yeah some of these old posts weren't even going to be useful to anybody moving to India in 2018, they really just had to go :-)

  4. Hi Cyn,

    I have been following your blog for a long, long time, from around the time you started it. I too started my blog in 2004. But, I don't remember how I found your blog.

    Though I don't recollect your old blog posts, I can see that your current posts are following a different trajectory.

    I have on a few occasions looked up my own old posts, and they show very clearly how different I was many years ago. Nothing surprising. We all change with time, don't we? I haven't purged the old posts though.


    1. I remember how you found my blog :-) It was when I wrote a few article for the TOI's Unlock Bangalore event and we met at the Leela for the discussion panel. I think it was in 2008 :-)


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