Turquoise and gold tin canisters DIY

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With Diwali fast approaching (it's on November 7th this year), hubby and I have been doing a massive amount of cleaning up and decluttering. And it's pretty amazing considering that we moved into this flat a year and a half ago.
I mean how much rubbish we managed to hang to (and possibly add to the existing lot) is something that amaze me.

With my art classes and other artsy things, I keep a lot of boxes, jars and other odd ends to use, and one of those project I've been meaning to do for a few months is now officially ticked off my DIY list.
Left me present our new tea and sugar tins :

They originally were two of those tall and narrow "wafers cookies" tins like the one I used for another painted tin DIY a few years ago.

This time, I wanted the words to be perfectly written so I decided to use the help of some stickers to spell the words for tea and sugar. We aren't coffee drinkers at all, so if you are, you can totally add a 3rd tin, or just do away with the tea box just be warned that if you do, you'll be judged by this tea addict here! (Just kidding).

I used two different spray paint colors to do the job, I first sprayed a coat of gold paint  on the area I wanted the letters to go :

Like with all paint, two coats is what usually does the trick, so this is what I ended up doing. Once the gold paint was dry enough (I left it to dry for an hour) I took them back inside for the next step:

I bought some really basic and inexpensive letter stickers from my local art supplies shop and simply spelled out the words on each tin.
You can really just take any stickers you want, do not invest in the super expensive ones, or look for a particular color. I really just grabbed the first one there was in the font style I wanted.
If you want to go even fancier, you can also use star or any other shape stickers to add to your tins, the principle is the same.
To make sure all the letters were properly aligned, I drew a guide line with a regular pencil on the area I wanted the words to go.

Then I used a can of turquoise spray paint to finish the job:

At this point I'd like to state the very obvious with spray painting :

1) Always protect your work area  with either newspaper or plastic
2) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS work in a well ventilated space because the fumes are nasty to breathe in. The best is to carry your painting work outdoors.

I did paint everything on the top of my washing machine on the utility balcony, and like with the gold, I sprayed two coats of turquoise giving it time to dry between each layers.

I let them dry for two hours before gently peeling off the sticker letters to reveal the gold paint underneath. Then I let them air and dry an hour more before washing them with water and putting the tea and sugar inside.

Looking for a place to get the supplies? Here is my Amazon Affiliate shopping guide to help you :

- Gold Spray paint.
- Turquoise spray paint. This is not the same brand I used but the closest in color I could find on Amazon.
- Letter stickers. Again, I picked mine from the art supplies shop, and as mentioned before, any basic stickers will do, the color doesn't matter.
- Cookie tin. One of the two tins I used for this project was actually from that brand of wafer sticks cookies.

The links above are all affiliate links, if you buy anything on Amazon after clicking this link, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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