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10:55 AM

To kick off the Christmas shopping season, Society6 and I are collaborating to give a 10$ gift voucher to one lucky winner on my Instagram account.

This is the opportunity for many of you living outside US and feeling reluctant to purchase anything because of the currency exchange rates to finally splurge on something awesome in my shop 

Because you'll be able to club that gift voucher with any other promotions they have running this season.

How to participate

I'm hosting this giveaway ONLY on INSTAGRAM, so you must go there and see what it is all about, but no worries you can do it from your desktop, and if you don't have an account there, just create one in minutes.
It's easy, and you don't even need to post pictures or make your profile public, you just need to comment on my giveaway picture and tag a friend. Why? Because I will need to have your Instagram handle name to scribble on a piece of paper and enter in the lucky draw, and tagging a friend is just so they get to discover my work and get a chance to participate as well. 

I will accept entries until Tuesday 20th 12pm IST (Indian Standard Time), and will proceed to a lucky draw video in my IG story to announce the winner 

It's THAT simple

But you must follow the rules. 

How you can spend your voucher if you win

You can really spend it on anything in my shop at Society6, and the good news is you can club it with another promo, so if you plan right, you could use that voucher on top of a 20% or 30% off promo and/or a free shipping. 
If you follow me on any of my social medias handle, you know I regularly keep you in the loop about what's going on at Society6.

Need more ideas? 

That carry all pouch, along with all the others in my shop retails at 15.99 USD for the small one (6" x 5"), so with that gift code it would be only 5.99 and that is IF you pay full price. 
When there is a promo going you could end up paying close to nothing depending on the discount. 

 All the stationery items are available under 16$ at full retail price, it ranges from 3.99 for the smallest sticker to 15.99 for a set of 3 folded  greeting cards. 

Love that cutting board I purchases and showcased in my Giveaway picture? It belongs to the "Tabletop" category where things like coasters, cutting boards, mugs and trays are available. 

The coasters at full retail price are 12$ and the Acrylic Tray is the priciest in that category at 39$, the cutting board is 25$ at retail price. 

Again, with a 10$ voucher AND the ability to club it with another promo, it could make any of these items much cheaper. 

Remember that your purchase pays an artist

It's tempting to criticise Society6's high prices, but remember, they pay artists their dues on each purchase made. 
This is how I along with many others make a living. How much does an artist get per sale made? 10% of the full retail price is the artist's royalty fee. It doesn't sound like a lot, but considering Society6 takes care of the production costs, shipping costs and host all of my designs on their server for free, that amount is more than fair. 

They ship worldwide

I mentioned it before, I tried their service...TWICE and each time it took under 15 days for the product to reach me in Mumbai India and I know at least one other person who received a mug with my groovy rickshaw design as quickly : 

So? What are you all waiting for? Head to Instagram already and participate for a chance to win! 

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