A year of growth and learning

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We are in the very last stretch of 2018 folks! As I sit writing this, it is 11am in Mumbai on December 31st.
I've hardly seen this year go by to be frank, but I remember it to be a year of personal growth, learning and achievements.

As you all know, I don't make resolutions. I joke years after years that the closest to a resolution I make is to keep on being awesome.
But that is only half a joke, because I know for a fact that how we perceive ourselves affect how the rest of the world perceive us.
As a result, I decided eons ago, that my worth wasn't even remotely dependent of what people think. I've been putting my own "price tag" on myself for years, and when you do that, you can't be disappointed.

What I do instead of making resolutions, is to make GOALS. I went on about it a few years ago in a blog post.
Goals work way better than resolutions because they force you to take action and make a plan so if you must do something before midnight is to sit down and write a plan of action toward a goal you would like to see through one day.

What were my goals in 2018?

- Master illustrations skills using alcohol based markers
- Keep on growing my Instagram following
- Better my watercolor skills
- Have more students in my art classes
- Conduct art workshops for adults
- Have my own online shop and brand

Guess what? I've achieved all of them at the exception of the last one. How? By going about it step by step. 
I used Skillshare to learn more about markers, took a few more classes on watercolor, and threw a few YouTube videos into the mix as well. 

I kept growing my Instagram account organically, it might not seem like a big growth to many, but I went from  414 followers to 728 in just a year. In 2017 I barely had 100 extra followers. How did I do it? Simply by being consistent and making that one social media my priority. I also took a few Skillshare classes on social media marketing, and applied what I learned.

Word of mouth about my art classes did the round, and I gained students just by advertising myself in our neighbourhood. When you stop keeping private about what you do, this is what happens. 
I also conducted a number of Dot Mandala painting workshop for adults simply because I decided I wanted to and reached out to people. 

The online shop bit is the only one I haven't done this year. But I'm still working on the concept, decided what I want to do. 
The reason why I haven't achieved it is that I still lack a lot of clarity about what and how I want to do it. It's just a project, an idea, that is too big to tackle in just one year. 

But wait! There is more!

Apart from meeting most of my goals in 2018, I made it an informal point to explore new ideas, learn about things that weren't always my priority, and read different type of books. 
It wasn't a set goal, just something of a pet project I did for fun. One thing led to another and I realised I read a number of successful entrepreneur biographies, and business books, and it even led to hubby finding me glued to Netflix one evening watching Shark Tank. 
It was so unusual that her even asked me "Since when do you watch Shark Tank?". 

A few episodes into it and some Googling, I ended up asking my Finance MBA hubby to clarify some terms I didn't quite grasped, and it's probably then that the thought his wife had been abducted by alien crossed his mind. 

Me turning the living room into a paint war zone or overtaking the dinning table with an art project is something normal. Me asking about the fine details of how a company's valuation is decided and how equity really works and how dividends get paid is...well not so normal. 


As I look back on the year that was, I'm extremely satisfied with what I did achieve and what I learned. 
The word of 2018 that I chose was "Rise" and I certainly rose to new heights and to the goals I set for myself. 
So much so, I decided the word of 2019 will be Growth. As I have a lot of growing to do, and new goals to set. For now, I am going to enjoy those last few years of 2018, enjoying the feeling of achievement before I dive back into achieving even more. 

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