The 2019 Printable Calendar is here!

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After months of working on it, and painstakingly getting every details right in my illustrations, I am proud to announce that I completed the 2019 Calendar this weekend and that it is now officially up for download.
But, before I give you the link to it, let me go in all the details (and yes, that means you have to read the whole post).

First, this is how it looks like when printed on a very basic home printer :

If you have been following me on Instagram, you did get to glimpse the work in progress on these illustrations along with snippets of my inspiration process, and yes, how I like months and colors thanks to synesthesia.

This year, I decided to take inspiration in Art Nouveau for my illustrations, but I decided to put a cartoony and definitely more colourful twist on it.

This little pet project helped me achieve two of my goals this year : draw more cartoon people and portraits and more importantly :

Get better at alcohol markers illustrations

Mastering the art has been on my bucket list for a while, so this year, I decided to invest in good quality markers (I chose Copic markers) and just get to it already. 
With Alcohol based marker there is a bit of a learning curve, but if you already have shading and illustrating basic, it's not that difficult to get to it. 
Frankly, for me, it was just a matter of stop making excuses and step out of my coloring comfort zone. And, yes decide that if I was perfectly fine spending thousands of rupees on Watercolor and acrylic paint, there was no way spending a few thousands here and there on Copics was outrageous. Especially when you can buy them per pieces rather than sets and that the pen is a one time purchase because they can be refilled and the nibs can be changed. 

Art nouveau was an easy theme to pick. Back in my art school days, that was by far my favourite albeit short art period. 
It was that time period during which graphic arts really started to be a thing. Posters and commercial art was created during that time because color printing became more accessible. 

In that series of 12 illustration, I decided to stick with the classic Art Nouveau medallion or crescent that is featured a lot in Alphonse Mucha's work. And pair it with my cartoon-y style of portraits. 

One of the other art nouveau typical trademark are the wild curves and curls used both in print and acrhitecture. In a portrait, that usually translated in big, long flowy and wavy hair. 
Above is one of the early sketches I did to refine my vision on what the calendar would become. 

Once I had those basic traits down, I put my personal touch on it. I'm not a fan or realistic faces and portraits, so I went for big eyes in most of my illustrations, and used bold colors that were not possible during the 1890 - 1910 art nouveau period. 
That said, I'm pretty sure if the artists and graphic artists of that time had access to Copic markers they would have gone crazy about them and Art Nouveau would have been even bolder than it was. 

Labour of Love

This Calendar has been a HUGE labour of love, and I don't think I have spend that many hours on any of the previous calendars. 
Every drawing started on paper, but got edited extensively in Photoshop, which pretty much makes the finished product a "mixed media" type of art. 

This is  what a finished illustration looks like on paper : 

As you can see, the center of the medallion is left blank, and everything is lined in black ink. What you get on the finished digital product though looks like this : 

The medallion is filled with a gradient, and it's borders are lined with a metallic effect. And yes, every single one of my illustrations are up for sale in my Society6 shop, on pretty much every products, featured above is the Metal print titled "Ultraviolet lady" 

You can see the whole collection of all 12 ladies in my Society6 shop :  "Art Nouveau Style portraits

I could show you all of them now, and tell you which months they each illustrate, but what is the fun in that? 
I would rob you of the pleasure of discovering it yourself. All you have to do, is download the 2019 Printable Calendar
You get the whole 12 months in PDF format, which you can print on your home printer, or have it printed at a printing shop. 

It goes without saying that you are NOT allowed to redistribute this work as your own, and you must link back to my blog. 
You also aren't allowed to use any of the illustrations, be it for commercial AND non commercial use. I own all rights to this work, and you will find it only for sale in my Society6 and Redbubble shops.

If you want an estimate of how much time I spent on this calendar here goes : 

- Each illustration took about 2 hours to draw on paper
- At least 2 hours to be digitised and edited right in Photoshop
- 1 hour to be turned into a Calendar page. 
- 1 hour to be specially digitised in a format to use on commercial products. 

This means, that a minimum of 6 hours went into each Illustration, multiply that by 12 and you have at least 72 hours of work that went into this project and this project alone. 

And that is without counting the hours it took to upload and promote in my shops...that is a whole new level of extra work that is part of my daily load. 
To those who think the products at Society6 are too costly...think again! 

Like the previous years, I'll also upload an individual Calendar page every 1st of the month, along with more details about the specific artwork. 

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