January 2019 Printable Calendar

8:30 AM

Happy New year everyone!

I hope you celebrated well last night, and that you are now ready to tackle the year ahead with oomph, passion and a fresh sense of determination.
For those who partied a bit to hard last night, give it a few hours and a lot of coffee and you should be on track for a year of awesomeness in no time.

Like all the previous years, I decided to offer the calendar page of the month for download on the 1st of each month.
This is in case you missed the big 12 months bundle download post, or simply don't see yourself downloading and printing it all at once. If you belong to that category of people, go download the January page here.

In any case, have fun planning your month/year ahead with my colorful calendar, I put a lot of time into creating every art nouveau inspired illustration, each of which comes in colors matching how my synesthetic mind sees months.
January has always been light blue and gold in my mind, so it makes sense that "Lady January" matches that theme.

Like last year, all my illustrations are for sale in my Society6 shop, this year however, there is a little "twist" as I created artwork based on the original artwork without adding any text, like this one :

Her name under this Avatar is "Moon Lady" and she comes on every single products Society6 has to offer, featured above is their Coffee Mug.

But! This year I figured out I might as well make a month specific artwork as well, for all those wanting to buy things like a planner sticker:

In this Avatar, which more or less match what you get on the Calendar, she is called "Lady January", that variant of the illustration comes in a more limited range of products as I typically focused on the ones that can be switched easily in your home decor, as well as those you can easily gift to a friend for their birthday like a mug, a few coasters, or a t-shirt.

I also focused on Stationery items like the stickers, cards and notebooks :

All of which can be used as a companion to the free printable calendar page, if you are a journal kind of person, the notebook in the picture above could be an awesome way to log all your month specific memories in style.
I'm in the process of getting all the Month Specific illustrations up and running in my shop, and it should take me a few more days to do so.

I'll be busy in the coming month as my mom is coming to visit from Switzerland, this means I won't be blogging as regularly, or even paint and draw so bear with me. 

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