Mint and gold tray DIY

9:14 AM

I got into this little project on December 31st late afternoon, planning my post Christmas tree removal decor, also known as January decor.

I did post it on Instagram, and had a plan to turn it into a blog post with a few more pictures (that I never took). And before you know it, my mom came to visit, and it got promptly forgotten while we were eating out, sightseeing, shopping and catching up with family friends that tagged along.

My mom is still here, but I fell back into a healthier work routine and I just noticed that this little super simple DIY project has been sitting pretty in my Dropbox files.

So, instead of letting it go forgotten, I decided to post it, with just that one picture, and do all the explanations (there aren't really a lot of them) in words.

This project is pretty much a result of me trying to finish the two cans of spray paint I used in my "Turquoise and gold tin canisters DIY".
And guess what? I didn't succeed, I still have paint leftover, so expect at least another project involving mint green paint and possibly a few involving gold.

I also re-used the technique I used a few years ago for our "Christmas decorative plates", with the only difference that this time I did not buy brand new steel plates from a shop, I went digging in my kitchen cabinets and took a very old steel plate with high edges that I really never really use.

Once upon a time we had 4 of these, and I think we bought them in 2004, over the years one became a plant saucer that we abandoned in one of our move, and I have no idea what happened to the second one we no long have.
Right now we have 2 of these left, one the cook uses to mix water and atta to make roti, and the one that is now a fancy centrepiece tray on my coffee table.
Before you ask, I do not regret the sacrifice one bit, it looks much better in its mint and gold avatar and pretty much match the table paint job I did a few months ago, it was a match made in pain heaven people!

So this is how I did it 

First I covered the top of my washing machine in the utility area with newspaper. Because, when you work with spray paint, you need a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors. 

Then I sprayed the inside of the plate/tray with the turquoise paint (that's what it says on the can), let it dry a bit and applied a second coat.
Spray paint dries fairly quickly, so you only really need to wait about 30 minutes per coat. 

Once the inside was dry, I flipped it and painted the outside gold, then after my two coats of gold were dry, I put some masking tape over the gold edge and used the turquoise paint to define the rounded rim better. 

I let it dry overnight before putting it on my coffee table, just to make sure nothing would stick or get dented. 

The added bonus, is that it matches the pretty elephant oil diffuser Ishita got me for Christmas : Mint for the win people! 

And with this little blog post I feel pretty accomplished not to have any old unfinished business, I can now tackle new projects without feeling guilty.

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