February 2019 Printable Calendar

8:30 AM

It's the month of love, sweets and stuffed hearts and teddies for many, for me February is the pink month, because my synesthetic mind has decided it that way and having a calendar page in any other color would really throw me out of whack.

When I decided to go for that Art Nouveau theme for my 2019 calendar, I also knew I was going to go down Synesthesia lane all the way, which worked out great because I got to go crazy with hair colors on some of my ladies.
But before I ramble any further (and you know I will), you can go download the calendar page for this month here.

This illustration, like all the others in the Calendar (which you can download in full here) is for sale in my Society6 shop.
There are two variants of it, the first one is the non-month specific lady which goes by the name "Pink Lady" :

For the Mural I added a gradient background to the entire surface, but on all other products, she stands proudly on a white background, like on this lovely throw pillow :

All my "art nouveau ladies" also look awesome on t-shirts because of their cartoony style :

If you are looking for the month specific design, fear not, I got hard cracking at it last December and uploaded everything in the past few weeks.
This is for all the bullet journal addicts and those of you wanting to mark your birthday month with something special.
As a calendar girl, she goes by the name "Lady February" and I intended her to be a planner sticker before anything else :

As an extension she also looks awesome on the notebooks Society6 sells:

But if you really want to make your decor month specific, she is available on all art prints, posters and throw pillows as well. And she makes for a great gift idea for anybody born in February as a coffee mug, tray, coasters or t-shirt.

My mom is still visiting and I am spending with her, which means less DIY projects, paintings and otherwise work related things. Though I still do work a few hours a day.

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