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The trend of pairing jewel and pastel tones with gold accents has been around for a while, and frankly I don't think it will go anywhere any time soon.
Not with the fact that "Mid-century" revival is still in and going retro is the trend that keeps going steady.

Mid-century you say? If you are not familiar with the term this means the 50's trend of pastel everything, the one before the 70's ruined everything with avocado green and orange. I bear no love whatsoever for the horror 70's color combo because my childhood bedroom was done in a horrid geometric avocado green wallpaper and wall to wall carpet in the most 70's screaming orange.
In fact our bathroom was green too, and every kitchen appliances came in orange, we even had orange flowers in our Arcopal (Corelle type) plates, and the psychadelic orange flower print on our kitchen chairs is still vividly imprinted in my kind (along with the marcame like net curtains),

Give me the pastel tones of the 50's and 60's anytime over that monstrosity of a color scheme!

Disclamer: the following links are Amazon and Society6 affiliate links, if you buy anything I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you. 

For me one of the color combination that wins it all is the mint and gold combo. There is something soothing, and happy about it. And I've used it in two recent DIY projects : the Tea and Sugar canisters, and the Mint and Gold tray. I even painted my coffee table in what is basically a mint hue.

Needless to say that I tend to gravitate toward those tones in my artwork as well, even if it is just re-coloring and tweaking the originals in Photoshop to reach that result.
The art print in the picture above is proof of it, the original is in pink, purple and blue, but I couldn't stop myself from playing around a bit with it on my computer. The name of that artwork is "Tic Tac Toe hearts - Mint and Gold palette" and it's for sale in my Society6 shop.

I'm not the only artist and designer tapping into this trend, one of my favourite artist : Cat Coquillette also regularly re-color her work in that palette.

In the recent past, these are the one that caught my eyes, the "Not Today Satan" design and her Mexican sugar skulls :

But you don't need to go as far as Society6 to get your fix of mint and gold, you will probably find it all around you since it is still a solid trend in furnishing and decor accents in India.

One of the items that has been sitting the longest in my home is my pen organiser on my desk :

This one is from Elan, and I have shared the Amazon link to buy it quite a few times, because seriously it's the best pen holder you can find if you are an artist with a lot of art supplies to store.

The brand has quite a lot of painted tin items in that same color, including that super cute trunk :

While I was looking around on Amazon to curate items for this blog post, I also came across that cute  patent tote for the bathroom. I seriously love the picture where they show how everything could look in a bathroom :

If my bathroom wasn't done in a hue close to the "pink that goes with nothing" I would totally go for it to organise my knick knack.

What do you think about this color palette? Soothing or seriously not your thing? 

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