March 2019 Printable Calendar

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It's starting to feel a lot like Summer over here! We already had a few heat spells, and with it comes the urge to stay cool indoor.
The irony being that if you live higher latitudes, you might still be begging for Spring to come and melt all that snow. If you live in a snow globe at the moment, let me send you some of our heat to melt that white crap.

You can start by infusing a little Spring spirit into your home by downloading this month's calendar page. It's green, happy and has a hint of a tropical vibe to it.
I know that in the US March is synonym with St Patrick's Day and everything green, but believe it when I tell you that in my synesthetic mind March has always been associated with a bright light green, long before I even knew what St Patrick is all about.

When I planned this 2019 Calendar, not only did I want to keep with an Art Nouveau inspired theme for my illustrations, I also decided to keep with the colors I see in my mind for each month, as closely as possible.
I also used this little project as an opportunity to perfect my skills with Alcohol based marker and slowly built a Copic marker collection. For this particular illustration, I worked with a a few greens I had, including  this Copic Color Fusion set 5 (Amazon affiliate link).

As it is the case with all my calendar illustrations, they are for sale in my Society6 shop in both its month specific and stand alone avatar.

It's called "Green Lady" on the version without words (original huh?) and comes on almost every products Society6 has to offer, including this gorgeous coffee mug, because this series of illustration is very cartoony, it looks good on things like stationery items, t-shirts and art prints.

If you are a bullet journal addict, or have friends born in March, I uploaded a month specific version on select items in my shop. This design goes under the name "Lady March" and when I first decided to put it up for sale, this was with stickers in mind. I also have it as a t-shirt, mug, and other tabletop items, along with the notebook as below :

Which one is your favourite?

This post contains both Amazon and Society6 Affiliate links, so if you click on them and make a purchase, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you 

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