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Guys! I'm absolutely THRILLED to bring you this blog post in partnership with MatrikaS, which in case you didn't know are an awesome brand of notebooks in India. I told you about them in my super popular Bullet journal post, and I just plain old love them.

Needless to say that when they were looking for bloggers to review their new line of journals, I jumped in. And they sent me their 2 baking journals to review....Squeeeeee!

This awesome little (ok not so little) notebook is packed with features to make your baking recipe collecting, and party planning super easy. This is the kind of recipe book you can proudly display on your kitchen shelf or counter, and because it's cover is laminated, it's easy to wipe clean.

Speaking of cover, they have two version to chose from: a blue one with a girl in a red dress and a cute little puppy sitting in a scale, and a red one featuring a girl with a hat and a cute cat sitting in a scale. (Both links above are Amazon Affiliate links by the way).

Being a pant wearing type of girl and a cat lover, I decided to fill the red one with all my baking recipes :

Since it is a baking recipe book, a good portion of the pages go toward helping you log all your favourite and family heirloom recipes all in one space.
There is enough pages to write down 95 recipes in this journal, each recipe gets a numbered double page with a segment to write the ingredients, another to write the directions, and even a small column to log cooking time, resting time, rating and how many people it serves.

There is also an index at the beginning of the book you can fill, and the most nifty feature associated with recipe logging :

Tabs!!!!!!! The journal comes with two pages of stickers, and among those stickers are ones to create tabs in your notebook, so that you can quickly jump to the right section.
The stickers page has some cute little ingredient stickers, quotes and embellishments you can add to your recipe, but if you thought that the fun features of this journal stopped there, hold it! There is more...way more.

The journal also has a double page dedicated to baking tips and a measure conversion table, so that you know how much a cup of maida or sugar roughly represent in grams.

It also come with a Strawberry cupcake recipe to get you started on your recipe journey :

It also has a few pages to write down phone numbers of stores in your area so you can call them to place an order and get your ingredients delivered, and a party planner check list :

And last but not least, it has several pages of detachable grocery shopping lists! That's right, they printed a few pages you can tear off and take to the supermarket with you to plan your party or everyday grocery shopping :

There are 20 pages just for the shopping lists, with two lists on each page, this means you can jot down 40 grocery shopping lists out of that journal. How cool is that?

The whole notebook is beautifully printed and bound, it also comes with a pen loop and a pocket envelope on the back cover so you can store picture, receipt and notes.

For years and years, I had all my recipes scattered everywhere, some in a not so cute boring notebook, some on the blog, some in a binder. It was a HOT mess, I'm happy to have a much better and cuter solution to store all the recipes that matter to me, because even though people turn to the internet for recipes these days, let's face it, having the laptop, phone or iPad in the kitchen is not ideal, and has the potential to end as a very costly technological disaster.

MatrikaS has 2 baking Journal options, and two recipe journal options, which I am listing below but will review in a different blog post (because yes, I have those too).

All the links below are Amazon Affiliate links, if you click on them, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you :

- Red MatrikaS Baking Journal 
- Blue MatrikaS Baking Journal
- Brown MatrikaS Recipe Journal
- Beige MatrikaS Recipe Journal

While MatrikaS was kind enough to send me those journals to review, the opinion and experience using them is all mine. 

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