MatrikaS Recipe Journal review

11:15 AM

Earlier this month, I partnered with MatrikaS to review their new line of recipe and baking journals, and if you've been following me for a while, you know I already made a very detailed blog post about their Baking Journals, with the promise to write a second posts just for the recipe journals.

It goes without saying that this is a partnership post, I did get those books from MatrikaS specifically to review, and it also goes without saying that all the links below, are Amazon affiliate links.

MatrikaS has been kind enough to send me their entire range of journals, so, like for the baking one, I have the two different cover style for the recipe journals.

The cover art is beautiful and comes in two version :

- A beige version with a woman wearing a red kurta and blue churidars (a type of Indian ethnic wear)

- A brown cover with a woman wearing an orange saree

Like it was the case for the baking journals, the cover is laminated and easily wipeable, so don't feel shy about displaying them in your kitchen.

Many of the features you find in this recipe journal are the same you find in the baking journal : Detachable grocery lists, stickers, tabs, index,  95 double pages to log your recipes, a page to list phone numbers...and then it has a few features that are more cooking specific than baking :

Because, let's face it, we cook more than we bake (even if we all dream of eating cake at every meal), this recipe book comes with a "Master Grocery list". Which is pretty much a place to list all your pantry staples and know what you should have in your cabinets at all time.

The ultimate stapes like toor dal, potatoes, atta, and cereals have been printed already, and you have plenty of lines to write down all the others that are more specific to your household.

It also comes with a 4 weeks worth of menu planning spreads. This means you can jot down a whole month of menu ideas, and then re-use these month after month (and add variation if you want). This is the best way to kiss lack of inspiration in the kitchen goodbye. Stuck with a meal idea? Open the book, choose a dish out of 30 lunch or dinner options and VOILA!

I didn't take a picture of it, but like for the baking journal, they also have a party planning checklist and menu so that should you have to host anything at home, you have a master checklist to refer to as well. Seriously, how brilliant is that?

The beauty of all 4 of these journals is how well designed they are, and how pretty the illustrations inside are.
I loved the baking journal covers, and I am pleased that the recipe journals follow the same theme, they kept the cover of the recipe books ethnic looking so that they are easy to differentiate from the baking one.
I find it pretty neat that they gave the baking journals a more continental vibe and stuck to a desi vibe for the everyday cooking journal, making these a must have in any Indian kitchen.

You can find all of these beautiful journals on Amazon :

- Brown cover recipe journal
- Beige cover recipe journal 
- Red cover baking journal
- Blue cover baking journal 

They are just about the perfect gift for a friend, or relative who loves to cook and bake, and they are total value for money. The paper quality is awesome, the cover is splatter proof and wipeable and the binding of great quality. Oh and they also have a back pocket so you can store those recipes you clipped out of the newspaper.

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  1. Beautiful and useful especially with those grocery lists. The woman in those covers look attractive. They do look precariously perched on their high heels and a little uncomfortable too.

    1. Yeah I don't think the illustrator who drew this art ever wore high heels, leave alone cook in them :-)


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