May 2019 Printable Calendar

8:30 AM

Another month bites the dust!

As I'm typing these words, it's April 30th, it's 7pm and I forgot to prepare that blog post in advance like I do with all the other posts.
I got busy, hot, and exhausted from said heat, and it's with a tired body from a nice evening swim in an overheated home office that I am now getting down to business getting this post up and scheduled.

I'm not sure where April went guys, I really have no clues! In my mind, we are still somewhere in March, if not February. But nope, here we are! It's May 1st, and we are about to enter the hottest month of the year in Mumbai.

This can only mean one thing on this blog, it's time to go download the May 2019 calendar page and learn about the artwork.

Like all the 2019 calendar illustrations, it is a Art Nouveau inspired illustration, and like all those illustration, it's available in my Society6 in two versions, one without the month, and one with the month name.
Above is the new framed mini print, and because it's the "month-less" version, she goes by the name Tropical lady.

I chose the colors purple and yellow, because, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I have various form of synesthesia and one of them is to associate certain colors with the month of the year (they are also placed on a wheel in front of me). May has always been a soft bokeh of light purple and bright light yellow, and always will be. I actually feel something is terribly off when I see a calendar page or bullet journal spread for that month in any other colors, because that's not how May looks like.

The artwork with the name of the month attached was created with Notebooks and stickers in mind, but is available on a select number of other items as well. To differentiate the two in my shop, this one is called "Lady May".

On these wise words, I'll let you go back to you daily lives, and resume mine, until we meet again on the blog, for another Calendar post, and probably before that with another regular blog post.

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  1. Beautiful Lady May. May for me would be yellow the colour of harsh sunshine and grey the colour of dust stroms and clouds. Summer came early this year in april and it is unbearbly hot. These days there is not gentle transition just abdrupt temperature change.

    I have just joined swimming and presently struck between floating and gliding. Water surprisingly seems less intimidating when u get into it. It has got the strange spring like feeling as if it wants u to float. My legs drop when i kick the wall and can cover only a little distance.

    1. I think I associate May with those colors because I grew up in a country where everything is in bloom that month, but there is no real logic in how a synesthetic mind associate different concepts, senses and ideas together.

      It's hard to really sink in water, as a former Synchronized swimmer, I can tell you that much, it required us a lot of strong powerful arm movements to stay at the bottom of the pool during our apnea training, it required a lot of arm movements to stay head down and legs up too.

      When you aren't used to water, it's easy to think you'll sink like a rock, but in fact it's the part of your body that offer the least resistance against water that "sink" typically the legs and arms, and the instant you move them, it alters the balance you have in the water. If you breathe calmly and normally, your body (torso part) will offer a lot of resistance that will prevent it from sinking.

      One thing I find half funny and half baffling with swimming coaches over here is that they teach non swimmer to swim freestyle first, which is the hardest, and then teach that kicking legs is what propel you. It's wrong, legs are used to balance your stroke in free style and should be minimal and non splashy to be the most effective. What propels a Swimmer in the water is the arm movement.

      At any rate, it's way easier to learn how to swim by mastering the breast stroke first, because you can keep you head out of the water at first, and get used how the water feels on the body, and learn to breathe calmly.

    2. I was initially intimidated by the turbulent water. It felt like an alien trying to gobble me and its is cold. The pool on the fourth floor of a school, and covered, so cold is the first sensation you get. I can now smell Chlorine everywhere, it is a weird metallic smell. Initially, I was perturbed by its smell too. It is hideous.

      It is true that breast stroke should be the first since that is how any animal would swim in water, head up and legs down in a slanting manner, using arms and legs for propelling. In shallow water it is the right thing to do. It is natural, you cannot get that perfect swimmer posture of hands and legs together all at once. However, we associated swimming with the free style like an Olympic swimmer surging ahead. That is perhaps why the coaches try to teach the fee style first so that one feels that one is swimming. They also want to teach quickly as soon as a non swimmer gets the feel of water. and your are very true about the kicking part. Floating followed by kicking. It seems that they leave everyone to do their stuff, sometimes guiding and encouraging them. There is no method to it.


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