This groovy rickshaw is going places

11:12 AM

Life as an artist can get really busy at time, and these days, it's no secret that I am grinding and hustling hard to get my brand out there.

Why? Because when you have an Etsy shop, you are 100% responsible for everything. It means that you gotta shop up, no matter what.
If you don't, that inventory won't move, and if that inventory doesn't move, you make no money. For me it's less about selling on Etsy than selling my brand, in the past month, I've done enough sales in my shop, but have done a lot more in my area, in person, spreading the word about my work and talent.

Oh, and I have been listening to what you guys like the most. The one design EVERYBODY loves, is my "Groovy Rickshaw" design. As a sticker, it went places and has travel to 3 continents already (along with it's buddies from the India vibe set). Then I showed you guys this picture on Instagram :

I asked you guys if you'd like to see it for sale as a mousepad in my shop, the answer has been a big yes, along with many suggestions for other of my popular designs to join the mousepad gang.

I heard you, and I rolled it out in my Etsy shop a few days ago, so I am making it official on all my channels : The Groovy Rickshaw mousepad has arrived!

The mousepad has the full artwork on it, unlike the stickers which only have the pink and orange auto-rickshaw with no bells and whistles attached to it :

I never really thought this cute little rickshaw would be that popular, it has so far sold in all my online shops where it has a presence, as mugs and stickers.
It is along with my any of my elephants designs, a bestseller I never quite saw coming.

I ship everything in my Etsy shop internationally, and I am keeping the shipping on all domestic orders FREE, and at a very reasonable fee for international shipping.
If you live in India, and have issues with PayPal (so do on domestic transactions), contact me so we can work out another payment mode.

Stay tune, there is more coming in my shop, I've been working on greeting cards, and a super cool To-do list notepad that I will roll out in the next couple of weeks. 

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  1. Autorickshaws are really fascinating, but not all the drivers! I have an autorickshaw toy, which for me is like a stress-buster! The mouse pad looks nice!

    1. I remember having real murderous thought toward Bangalore's auto drivers :-) In Mumbai they are still pretty decent, unless you try getting one during office commute peak hours it really isn't hard to get one, and they all turn the meter without discussion, and even give the change back, but they are a special breed over here, anywhere else I experienced them in India I could have torn my hair off.

    2. The auto looks beautiful. The people of Mumbai are generally decent, so are the auto drivers. In Delhi, like everybody else, you never know. They give you the choice, whether you want to go by meter or not, claiming the rate to be the same. Many a times, the meter is claimed to be faulty. They are not too pleased to use the meter. Thankfully, in Delhi they have meters, in UP and Haryana, they don’t have meters in autos. The autos are shared by many people. Why auto drivers do what they do, is still a mystery.

      On my swimming front, still no luck. As people around me float around, I struggle. I guess I am not the floating type. They have perhaps found the sweet spot between the torso and abdomen which I have not. I have seen children floating effortlessly, so I am thinking about putting my son into swimming classes. At his age perhaps, he would pick up easily.

    3. It's not that you aren't a floating type of person, trust me, everyone is, it's hard to sink a breathing body without tying it to a stone.
      It's just that adults are more cautious about water and as a result, feeling apprehensive to let go they stop breathing normally and tense themselves.
      Kids are innocent and fearless, they don't let the possibility that the water might be dangerous stop them from floating and letting the body move freely. You need to let go of your fear, and mental block about water.

      I never enrolled Ishita in any swimming class at all, the moment we had access to a swimming pool two years ago, I simply let her play in it, at first she would do it in the kiddie pool because she felt safe, then she went where she could still touch the ground in the adult pool, and then feeling comfy, she experimented with how her body felt in the water, how it reacted to her moving arms and legs or switching position, in less than 4 months she was swimming, without me or anyone teaching her a single stroke. 2 years later, she is going under water, doing hand stands, and having a blast.

      Water is supposed to be fun, and you really don't need to be swimming laps at a high speed to reap in the fun or even the fitness benefit from it.
      These days, the pool is so crowded in the evenings that I don't do laps at all, I just go in a corner and do strenght training while Ishita plays marco-polo with her friends.

    4. I was afraid of water for some time but then got adjusted to it. I suppose I did not do the holding the wall and trying to float exercise properly. It is an important exercise for floating independently, making one aware of his/her centre of gravity and develop the right streamline posture. Those who got it right in the first few days are floating. I can get my body to float while holding the wall but it is a tremendous strain and can’t certainly replicate it the middle of the pool. Just can’t jump over the water like a dolphin and get my legs to float.

      It is not that I am not floating or feeling the buoyancy, my legs are hanging under water, gently going down while my torso is hanging. There is tremendous buoyancy but I cannot somehow channelize it. I have heard about the “dead man’s float” technique but seems quiet difficult in practice. I agree with you that swimming is fun, and yes it is indeed fun, but not been able to float puts a dampener on it.

    5. You can consciously think of not being afraid of water, but as long as your subconsious isn't on board with that idea you are going to tense your body involuntarily and sabotage your effort.

      The very fact you said it's a strain to float holding the wall, and that you CAN'T replicate it in the middle of the pool is proof that you need a deep underlying fear go.
      IN the end you need to keep going at it, practice, and in time your body will instinctively do what's right to keep your body balanced in the water :-)

    6. Thanks Cyn, you are such a help. You are right about the conscious and sub conscious mind. I would like, with your permission to, trouble you further. If you are kind enough to give me some easy helpful tips to float, something easy and basic exercise to start off with and take it further. I need something easy and basic to start to practice. I know it is little too much to ask from you but you are the only accomplished swimmer I know off.

    7. Sure, just start in the shallow end of the pool, so that the unconscious fear of sinking is taken off the table. gently lean on your back, legs lightly apart, and arms stretched out like you were lying down on a comfy mattress. Remember to breathe casually like you would if you were lounging on your bed. Just stay in that position as long as you are comfortable. Doing it in the shallow end of the pool, the worst that can happen is that you get scared and lower your legs, and they touch the ground, there is no risk of you sinking or drowning, repeat as many times as you need until the fear goes away, then go a bit deeper in the pool, until you reach a point at which you are comfortable doing it in the deep end.

      I can also recommend going with your son, and just play, go in the shallow end, play with a ball there, pass it back and forth, or just challenge each other to just doing as many jumping jacks in the water, or play tag walking in the pool instead of swimming. The idea is to get used to how the body feels in the water, without the pressure of floating, swimming or the fear of sinking.

    8. Thanks Cyn for the useful tip, I will surely use it. While I can understand the face up position because it is more relaxing, I am more used to the face down position, and I was wondering if could help me out with the floating on the stomach position. If you are kind enough to provide some useful tip for that. Taking my son to the pool is also a wonderful idea.

    9. Trust me, start with the face up position, face down will bring the fear of not breathing with your head submerged, once you are perfectly fine and breathing normally floating on your back, you can start practicing belly down and move your arm and legs around while your head is out of the water.
      It's really better to first master being 100% at ease in the water before attempting anything that resemble swimming. I see too many people being taught to swim freestyle first, they don't know how to balance their body in the water, so they keep the head down, hold their breath, paddle like maniacs, feel out of breath after swimming 2 meters, and franctically try to touch the pool floor just to catch their breath.

      I know that learning to swim freestyle makes people think they are really swimming like an athlete but every single person I know who swam competition in Europe, be it speed swimming or synchronized swimming never started learning freestyle first, we all had fun playing non swimmy games in a pool as kids first, then even in school we never swam laps where I grew up, the teacher would make us play games, with pool noodles, pads, boards, fetching items from the bottom of the pool, jumping through hoops.

      Seriously, the first time I actually swam free style I was 13 and in my first year of Synchronized Swimming, and they didn't teach it to us, they just told us how to improve our form to be more energy efficient and waste less oxygen, we all had a fair idea of how it was done because we all watched others do it :-) Our plate was full learning all the Synchro skulling techniques, freestyle, butterfly, and breast stroke were just our cardio warm up :-)

    10. You have hit the nail on the head, but how do I recover from face up position?

  2. Shipping to India has enabled a lot of people to shop for international brands.


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