June 2019 printable calendar

8:00 AM

June! The arrival of the monsoon, my birthday and this year, a month that I will probably not see fly by, because believe it or not, it's already packed to the brim with art classes, a visit to the in-laws and a visit from my mom.

As I type these words, I'm obviously scheduling the post ahead of time, so it's May 28th and I'm totally frazzled, sweaty, dead beat tired and ready to kill someone at 11.55am, no less.
The great ordeal that the Summer break is has started for us this week and I am contemplating two months of madness ahead:

Entrepreneur, artist, teacher, mom and household goddess by day (don't laugh), Netflix binge creature between 8.30 and 11pm (don't judge), and hopefully sound sleeper by night (yeah laugh away, even I can't really believe that one).

If you have a crazy month ahead, I have the solution to at least make some of the planning a bit prettier (I can't promise easier...sorry). How? With my Art Nouveau inspired printable calendar of course! You can go download it here, and then click on "X" if you aren't much for the whole rambling about my artwork and the very shameless promoting of my Society6 shop.

Like all the other designs in that serie, it has two variant, one without the Month, and one with the month.
Under her month-less avatar, this one is known as "Purple lady" and she is pretty much available on everything including the throw pillow in the picture above.

It was the first illustration I created when I decided to go with this Art Nouveau inspired theme for the calendar. I drew her with the alcohol based marker I had around at the time, and it's only after she was completed that I realised she HAD TO be the one for the month of June.
Why? Because in my mind June is a bokeh of light blue and purple, if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's called synesthesia.

It's a quirk that allows certain people to associate certain thing is a sense or another. A lot of synesthetes report seeing letters in colors, or have a taste associated with a sound or number. For me it's all the months in colors, placed on an imaginary wheel in front of me (I sometimes can step on the wheel). It also affect how I see numbers, and has been a HUGE problem during my school year because my brain is wired to see number on a black and grey ribbon that twist and turn upward but going from right to left.
This means that seeing numbers on paper going from left to right is in direct conflict in how my mind process them and that has led to serious dyscalculia problems, inverting numbers, struggling to write answers to mental math quizzes and generally deal with phone numbers, place values and anything that involve numbers.

The good news is that the month in colors on the wheel actually give me a solid notion of time and a good memories of what happens when because I associate events with the color too. Oh and just for fun, the month on the wheel are in counter clockwise order.

The version of the artwork I created with the month type goes by the name of Lady June in my Society6 shop (original huh?)
Unlike the other, this one is only available on items that make cool birthday gifts and as a sticker or a notebook like in the picture above.

The notebook is especially a cool one for planner addicts, and bullet journaling since you can have one book per month and stuff it to the brim with infos, lists, plans and memories...you're welcome!

With the crazy month that I have ahead, I am not sure I'll be blogging much if at all, bear with me until the school starts again and I get back in a routine. 

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  1. It is blisteringly hot about at about 46 degrees these days. The nights are hot too. Everything is radiating heat.

    The purple lady does look like an ancient Aztec princess and quiet beautiful too.

    Thankfully, the election euphoria is over. It was as if the whole country was appearing for the board examination. The last time I voted was ten years ago. In each election since then, be it national or assembly, I was invariably busy conducting elections. It was good to be a voter once again and press the button.

    1. Here is radiating heat and steaming at the same time, I really can't take it anymore, rain cannot come soon enough at this point.

      Hubby did vote too, and like the last time, I found myself wishing I could, but that privilege does not extend to OCI card holder, no matter how long they have been living in India. Something that I think should really change, as after all "OCI" stands for Overseas Citizen of India, a scheme that allows foreign people of Indian origin and foreign spouses of Indian to work and stay in India without a visa.


    2. Yeah, they should do something about voting right of OIC card holders too. After living in India for so long, you too have a stake in India's democracy.

      I have seen the elections from close quarters and it is fascinating. People flock to vote in droves as soon as the voting starts. It has been my observation that women outnumber men. As the male and female figures are calculated each two hours by us, the females are always double the males. Men just loiter in while woman and youth are most enthusiastic. This year the voying percentage was equal for both males and females.

      They all come in all shapes and sizes, young, old, able/disabled, poor, men, women. They are all proud to vote.

      I would often stop working during voting, and observe this celebration of democracy and that we are contributing in this process in our own small way.


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