July 2019 Printable Calendar

8:00 AM

June is about to bite the dust in a matter of days as I type those words while watching a much much welcome downpour out of my window.

This month has been total madness : Summer holiday in full swing, a trip to Lucknow, a LOT of art classes to teach, loosing our beloved Jasmine, my birthday, my mom visiting, and...getting a new dog.
I haven't really had the time to sit down and blog, or craft, or even doodle anything that wasn't art class related, and this madness is likely to continue in July, quite possibly until the school re-opens.

The projects in July is to celebrate my daughter's birthday, our marriage anniversary, potty train our puppy, and sit down to lear how to use the Procreate app on my new iPad (my mom's gift to me on my big 4.0 B-day). There is also all the back to school shopping to be done that month, and new products to launch in my Etsy shop.

If your month is going to be as busy  as mine, the first step is to download my calendar, and plan it pretty.

The artwork for this month has a ocean theme, and I stuck to my Synesthetic July color palette, like I did all the previous months.
The artwork is also available in my Society6 shop on a wide array of products and in two different variant.

As a standalone design, she goes by the name "Ocean Lady", and is available on pretty much everything, including this travel mug, so that you can do your bit for the environment, because seriously there are ZERO excuses to use any type of disposable cup if you plan on having your coffee "to-go".

On certain items, a patterned version looked better like it is the case for this gift wrap paper :

There is also a version of that design in which I included the name of the month :

She goes by the name of "Lady July" and I only made her available on items that make for great birthday gifts, like coffee mugs, t-shirts, greeting cards as well as notebooks and stickers for your journalling needs. All of the month specific illustrations are available as notebooks, so you could make it a year long project to chronicle your daily life and stick pictures, one month, one notebook at a time.

So, this is all for this month folks! I'm wrapping this post up, and going to take a much needed nap. I'm likely to post more regularly by mid-july, until then, make sure to follow me on Instagram, because I still post Insta-stories from time to time, you might even get a peek at our new puppy. 

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  1. The ocean girl reminds me of rain which we so desperately need in Delhi. Blistering heat has been replaced by humid heat. Continuous heat wave for over a month. The ACs have failed to provide comfort. It is like an oven. I read that it is 45 degrees in France too, global warming I suppose. The school holidays have been extended upto 8th July due to heat. Summer holidays are total madness anyway. Heat kept everyone indoors for most of the month even during evenings. How
    is it in Lucknow? I was waiting for your Lucknow exploits. Oh, Belated happy birthday to you. Welcome to the forties club.

    1. Thanks!
      We have plenty of rain in Mumbai at the moment, the moonson came late, but it already managed to catch up and between Sunday and Monday, it rained so much that it triggered floods in many parts of the city, so much so that apparently schools stayed shut on Tuesday. Thisis one of those instances of me being very happy our school does its Summer break from May end until July end, we usually skip the "rain bandh" days that come every year in July.


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