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Time to kiss July goodbye and welcome in August! I don't know about you guys, but I am glad July is over.
I've been crazy busy and barely saw it come and go and I'm glad that back to school happened just before my sanity went in for a toss.

Here's to August, the start start of the festive season pointing it's head and to continue planning it style with the Home Cyn Home 2019 calendar! You can go download this month's page and skip the rambling, or stick with me a bit longer (your choice).

August, in my synesthetic mind is a bright yellow, but because it is eerily similar to April, I always end up tweaking the colors a bit when I plan my monthly spread in my Bujo, or when I create illustrations for the calendar. This time around, I added pink and blue to it, but gave my Art Nouveau style lady a voluminous golden blond mane.

 As usual with my calendar illustrations, they are all available in my Society6 shop and like all my other Art nouveau ladies, this one also comes in two versions. Version number one, is without the month name. She goes by the name of "Summer Lady" and is available on almost everything, including the tapestry in the picture above, or the Acrylic box below :

In version number 2, I added the name of the month in the illustration, using the same font as on the calendar, but keeping it one solid color instead of going for a gradient.
Her name on that version is Lady August and it's available for sale on items that either help you plan your month ( notebook, stickers...) or on cute items that make for a cool gift for a friend celebrating their birthday that month, like mugs or t-shirts.

Before I leave and conclude this blog post, let me share one interesting fact :

Today, August 1st is Switzerland's National day. I find it funny that my country of origin and my now home country (India) have their National day in the same month. India is celebrating its Independence on the 15th.
I'm not patriotic by any mean, I don't really celebrate either day in anyway, growing up in Switzerland, the 1st of August was always associated with heading the the county's municipal party ground where they would set up a tent, have a live band playing, and many food stalls to eat from. The kids would run around while the parents danced, ate and drank until the official ceremony which always happened after Sunset (so around 9pm), the story of our founders was told, then a huge bone fire was lit, the National Antem was sung, and then it was fireworks time.

People in India always assume that I never burst crackers or lit firepots before moving to India, and in the first few years it lead to me being babied around them. Which is really silly, because believe it or not, on Swiss National day, people burst their own crackers and fireworks in the designated area on the party ground, or in their garden at home (though not fully recommended).
Fireworks and crackers are on sale a few days before August 1st and the last day to buy them is on the day itself. You won't find them anywhere for sale the rest of the year.
When I was a kid, there was also a "lantern parade" as part of the festivities, mostly for kids, it involved kids holding a paper lantern on a stick and walk together in a parade. When I was a kid, those were a bit tricky because we all had real candles in our paper lantern, it was later replaced by small torch lights, and when I was teenager, the whole concept did go a bit out of fashion, but my mom told me that as of late, it is getting a second wind and kids parading around with their paper lantern is once again a thing.

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  1. The rains have been pretty deficient this year in Delhi. Fortunately, it is raining quiet regularly these days. Blistering heat replaced by humidity and traffic jams. It if rains in Delhi, your are sure to encounter traffic jams.

    The defining colour for July-August would be purple and grey for me. Purple the colour of Jamun which is in abundance in this season and grey is the colour of monsoon clouds. Monsoons were so important that songs, poems, festivals were constructed around this season. The sparkling big gaudy rakhis, the colourful idols of Janamastmi and the kite flying event of Independence Day defined this season. Each festival had a different flavour.

    Kite flying typically started in July and ended with this fierce grand kite fight on Independence Day. Kites with strange names Tringal (Tricolour), Chand Tara (Moon & Star) and the Gudda (Small Boy). There were two schools of kite flying techniques used during kite fights, Keech (Pull) and Dheel (release) with its own fierce proponents. There is a great debate on which is better. The eternal search for the sharpest manza (special coated thread for kite fights) took people to far off places. Come to think of it, monsoons were fun in those days.

    1. The monsoon came late in Mumbai, but it made up for it's delay, it created some floods early in July, then after 2 weeks of rain we thought it left us as we had a solid week of heat, sun and no rain, and we have been soaking again for the past week, there was even a train that got stranded in a flood between Mumbai and Kholapur this past weekend.

      Kites aren't flown around that time in Mumbai, it's still very wet and rainy in August, it's more of a Winter activity over here.


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