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Diwali is just a few days away (Sunday 27th) and as you all know, I love getting artsy crafty during festivals.
Over the years I have done many Diwali oriented projects, like those super cool bejewelled jar lanterns or that paper fish scales lamp.
Last year, I decided to paint diyas, but forgot to write a blog post about it, or rather set to paint all of them at the last minute, and putting a blog post up on Diwali would have served no real purpose.

So, I saved all those pictures, and used them this year instead.

It's a super easy project and the whole family can pitch in, in fact, not only did hubby and Ishita paint a few, it was such a cool project that I did do it with several of my art class students the week before Diwali.

The one thing you MUST remember when painting diyas is to NOT soak them before you plan on painting them. The acrylic paint will not adhere to the surface as well if you do.
And since acrylic paint is a liquid tight medium once dry, you will never have to soak them after either, because the oil will not get absorbed by the clay. This means if you paint your diyas completely, you won't have oil rings on your floor, balcony and ...eeeeeek....furnitures (if you display them there).

All you need for this project is all your favourite colors in acrylic paint, if you are new to acrylic, why not gift yourself a set from Camel in the process (this is an Amazon affiliate link by the way). Go for really bright and bold colors like magenta, purple, sky blue, gold and orange for the best effect.

I started by painting the inside of the diya in one color, then the outside in another, bringing it all the way up and paint the edge of the diyas  in the same color as the outside.
Then I used tooth picks and ear buds (Q-tips) to paint dots inside and a small paintbrush to paint other non dotty patterns.

For the best effect use bold contrasting colors, and the best way to find which ones will work the best together is go by the complimentary color rule :

- Blue is the complimentary color of orange
- Yellow is to purple
- Green is the complimentary color of red (picture Christmas here and how well these two contrast)

In my diyas, I more or less followed that rule, or paired a color with it's closest buddy on the color wheel, like I did for the green one in the picture above. I paired a nice light green hue with my favourite sky blue. A trick I repeated with the one with the dark purple inside and the magenta outside.
The most important thing is to really just have fun, and I guarantee you that these diyas will be so pretty you'll want to keep them around in your decor a while longer (once you washed them of all the residual oil)

Shopping guide 

I decided to put the links to some of the paints I used for that project should you want to use the exact  same colors. All the links below are Amazon affiliate links, this means I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking those links. 

- Iridescent Red Blue by Pebeo (it's the one that looks magenta in the pictures)

I have no idea why some of the Pebeo paint have such high price on Amazon, the MRP when you buy them in a well stocked art supplies shop is 275 rupees for a 100ml tube. 

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  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Nice. I like those bejeweled lanterns.

    1. The bejewelled lanterns was a really cool project too, I still have most of them intact and we reuse them every Diwali

  2. Happy diwali to you and family. The diyas are beautiful and is also the easiest of project, just a few lamsps, colours and creativity. I like the bejeweled lanterns but my favorite is the round blue, flaky, hanging lamps that you made a few years ago. It was most unusual but I forget its name.

    1. Happy Diwali to you too :-)

      I think you mean the "Fish scale" lampshade. I sadly don't have it anymore, we left it hanging past Diwali and then we moved out of that flat, it was so discoloured by then that I left it hanging on that balcony for the next tenants to find.

      I still have the long flowing ribbon lantern, and it's been hanging from my living room balcony from the day we moved into the new flat until now, after 3 years of being exposed to the elements and surviving one move it is still looking really good.

    2. Yes, the fish scale one. For some reason it reminded me of the character Flounder in Little Mermaid.

  3. Lovely painted diyas...pinned for doing this Diwali..... happy Diwali in advance

    1. Thank you Leera, wishing you a Happy Diwali in advance too, enjoy painting all your diyas :-)


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