October 2019 Printable Calendar

8:30 AM

September has been a CRAZY month over here, I had a long list of goals and plans, and I only managed to tick off a fraction of them of my list.
If you follow me on Instagram (and you should), you know that this month I have seen 4 relatives stay in my flat, then go, and then come back.
In fact as I am typing this words, I am sitting on the sofa in my living room because the office became a guest bedroom once more.

With a total of 7 people, one cat and one dog living in what is around 1200 square feet of carpet area, I am glad that my minimalist self means we have the space to accommodate everybody with no major issues. We also all use that one fully operational bathroom for showers, and right now I really worship our dishwasher, which we run 2-3 times a day (and yes we still don't have a maid, just a cook).

The only big pitfall of this arrangement is that my art and work supplies are scattered around the home, and I made sure all my art classes have non messy projects since everything happens on my dinning table.

And right now I am finding myself in October, contemplating the festive season vortex, a lot of school holidays and a mad plan to get all the things I should have ideally finished in September ticked of the list before the month's end.
If your month of October is going to be as busy as mine, you might as well go download my calendar page already, so you can print and plan in style.

Now that I am done rambling about my life, it's time to dive into the artwork details. When I first draw her, I named her "Ultraviolet lady". October in my synesthetic mine is a bokeh of purple and gold which is why I went with those colors to illustrate the month of October.

This particular artwork, and the month name version of it are available in my Society6 shop, and featured in the picture above is their removable adhesive wall mural, but it is also available on other products, including mugs, posters, and t-shirts.

When I decided to also offer the illustration with the month name for sale, I decided to name each of one after the name they represented, so it goes as no surprise that this one is called "Lady October". Under that variant, I only made her available on select products which would either be used to decorate a diary, like the sticker above, or on items that would make fun birthday gifts like a t-shirt, mug or notebook.

That is all for the art, now I have to go and get cracking on the 2020 calendar, I finished all the illustration, and I gave myself the goal to finish creating all the pages, so that I can move to better things in November.

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  1. Happy navratras to you and family. May the divine feminine mother bestow with auspicious crestivity. It highly humid weather in Delhi with chill at morning and night. While floods are affecting other parts of the country, no rain in Delhi. October was a pleasant month in my childhood nowadays it has become the month of allergies and flies. Terrible month. The good thing is that durga pooja is the round the corner. Fun frolic and good food awaits us. At the end of the whirlwind festival, we feel fatigued and sad, and await for the divine mother to visit us next year. Strange feeling of joy and emptiness.

    The ultraviolet lady is fantastic and I wish you best of luck for your future endeavors.

    1. October is the month of hot, humid and longing for Winter here in Mumbai :-) This year it's a bit off though, because the monsoon hasn't yet retreated but the bulk of the rain is finally over. It means it's humid, hot, but not quite as hot as it can be. You'd think it's a good thing, but it's a bit unsettling and we still sweat the same despite less heat.
      We also had a massive moths invasion last week, probably due to the crazy weather we had thise season. My whole neighbourhood saw moths invade homes at dusk. For 3-4 days they would come in the hundreds inside my home, attracted by all the lights, by the time I figured out what was happening it was impossible to kick them out, and they come with little warning.

    2. Happy dussehra to you and family. This year the durga idols were immersed in artificial ponds as river immersions were banned. The immersion ponds were created in the neighborhood. It was a unique experience as you don't get to go to the river which is an carnival like experience
      in itself but it is the need of the hour.

      I wish to send u a few durga pooja pics with your permission.

    3. Thanks, same to you.

      Immersing idols in artificial ponds and water tanks should be a non negotiable thing, I'm glad immersing them in the river has been banned in Delhi. I wish they would make the sea off limit for immersion in Mumbai. I seriously don't see why the planet and marine life have to suffer because a bunch of humans is stuck in their old ways.

    4. There are a few issues with immersion ponds because it is the first experiment. The government has introduced green crackers for diwali which produce 30% less pollution. It is in the initial stages, not very appealing due to lack of sound and spectacle but in after a few years they would perhaps become the norm.

      In pooja pandals paper cups and plates were used. When we were children durga pooja meant sitting on the floor and eating from left plates and clay pots.

      This year in pandals repeated appeals were made not to bring offerings for the goddess in plastic bags. Plastic bags brought by the devotees were returned. Many pandals were build with bamboos. The environment friendly message has made its impact.


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