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Do you know what every successful people have in common beside a sheer sense of determination, girt and passion?
They all are constantly opened to new ideas and are constantly reading and feeding their mind with positive, successful thought.

In 2018, I posted a book list called "Self help and business books for creatives". Since then I have read more, a lot more, some good, some bad and some ugly.
I also listened to some podcast, followed influential people on Instagram, but today, lets talk about books.

The 4 books in the picture above are the ones that have been my favourite and the one that inspired me the most since the last book post.
I'm going to give you a brief review of each, along with the Amazon affiliate link that will ensure a commission is paid to me if you click and buy anything (at no extra cost to you)

You are a badass by Jen Sincero

If you don't know where to begin on your quest to conquer it all, rise from the masses and be the awesome person you never knew you were, this book is for you. 

Jen Sincero's style is full of humour, but don't roll your eyes just yet. The message delivered is powerful. 
This book deals with serious stuff and how we all have a tendency to sabotage our chances at anything because our subconscious and the teaching from our childhood tend to hold us back. 

This book really put in the ugly truth in front of your eyes : Your life is sucky because you allowed it to be that way and it is time to stop making excuses for it. 
No others aren't more lucky, no you aren't doomed to remain mediocre, and yes every successful person on the planet worked hard to get where they are. If you need a good wake up call, this book will be the one to shake you, slap you and tell you to stop moping and get off your ass already and go get it. 

Note that I didn't really need to get off the ground and get out of a pity fest, I've been on that journey to awesomeness for years, but even if you already know you can do it, that deep down you are a badass, you still need to constantly re-learn that truth. This is what that book did to me, help me stay on the path and get a few awesome tips along the way. 

You are a badass at making money by Jen Sincero

This book is a sequel to the first one mentioned above, and delivers some of the same lessons, but is more geared toward people who have money issues or wonder how they can get out of their financial rut. 

Don't expect a redundant, boring, bank advisor guide to the riches. Jen Sincero is a life coach, not a financial expert. 
This book like its predecessor, will tell you that you are the one limiting yourself and that in order to allow money to flow into your life, you must treat the problem at the root : 

Your relationship with money

We all have been taught of variant of the belief "Money is a necessary evil" or "All rich people are dishonest" or something along those lines, along with solid doses of "Money do not grow on trees", "Mere mortal can't afford it" and other utter BS about money. 

What is happening is that we subconsciously let those beliefs affect us and how we approach finances. We sell ourselves short, think that downplaying money and finances is a virtue, and generally all tend to avoid talking about money at all because it is taboo, and loaded, and a dirty word in society. 
The problem is that our subconscious takes that at face value, and will do anything to protect us from getting exposed to anything evil, dirty and taboo. 

This book gives you some homeworks at the end of each chapter, forcing you to introspect and write down your feeling and beliefs about wealth and money, and also ask you to come with ideas on how to reprogram your way of thinking. Son unlike the first book, you are going to have to do a lot more work and will be forced to read it as a much slower pace, but it's worth it. 

What this book did for me, is to help me go at the deep core of my money sabotaging subconsious. I  won't go into details, but I did unearth a lot of garbage and childhood trauma that led me to believe not to expect more than an average income. 

I took 2 months to read that book, and after a month in, my income started growing, simply because I allowed myself to deserve it. 
I became far more proactive about my business, stopped selling myself short, and stopped being shy about reminding people to actually pay me on time. 
I also changed my belief of how I should just be glad to be paid what I am paid and shut up, and went to being convinced I was good at making money (which I am).  This opened a whole new stream of work opportunities, opportunities I would have taken down in the past in fear of being too greedy. 

It's not that those money making opportunity popped out of nowhere, it's just that I allowed myself to be more receptive to them and pretty much reprogrammed my subconscious to accept that I deserved to go after these and that no I was not an evil, greedy, lady of low moral for expecting good things in life. 

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

You might have heard of that title through Netflix, who launched a series of the same name. The series got cancelled after one season, and frankly, while entertaining, it is also not doing any justice to the real success story of the lady behind the Nasty Gal fashion brand. 

The Netflix show us a bratty, spoiled, entitled millennial with serious attitude issues, while the reale Sophia Amoruso, while having a strong attitude and having a very questionable past (which she clearly state she is not proud of in the book), she also never shied from hard work, or whined about her life the way the TV version of her did. 

This book will teach you that only hard work will get you were you want to be, and that there aren't any shortcuts whatsoever. 
She bootstrapped her empire from day one, in the early days, thanks to a bad credit score gained after forgetting to pay a credit card bill, she was eligible for no loans whatsoever, she had to make do with what she earned to get forward and grow her business at the pace of her profit margin. 

Since it's a biography, you won't get cheesy self help tips, and a road map to success. It is meant to show you that one person did it, her way, and if that inspires you then great! 

I personally like reading books about people who went after their passion and dreams and against all odd. These people are my kind of tribe. They don't sit down, throw a tantrum and whine about how the world is against them. They just:  Get. Shit. Done!
No matter what their circumstances, birth, gender, location, disability or whatnot, that is the kind of people I think we should all look up to. 

Reading such stories simply keep feeding that stubborn fire inside me because I inevitably recognise myself into these stories, to an extent, and I can strongly relate and it motivates me to keep going. 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

From the author of Eat, Pray, Love, comes this gem of a book about creativity, and how we were all born creative and should stop waiting for permission to create, or even wait until we are "creative geniuses" before daring to create or show it to the world. 

I am still reading that book (almost done) and I like how she explains that ideas are bodiless beings roaming the earth in search of a human that will help them materialise, and how ideas will go human hoping until they found one serious enough to help them come out into this plane of existence. 

She also urges her readers to just create and not wait for inspiration to show up, or a strike of genius, these occur of course, but if a writer, artist, or creative waited until genius showed up to start working, then not much would be created. 
Her book gives permission to people to start creating even if they have no "qualifications" and tells them it's ok to come up with terrible creative work, as long as we keep doing what makes us happy. Because the quality of a creative work is a highly subjective thing to begin with. 

As a creative making a living of my craft, I can really relate with what she says, and yes there are times I need to remind myself it's ok to not produce something perfect, there are days I can't produce much more than a random scribble, but that idea of a scribble wanted to get born and I did my job by allowing it to materialise, and that is good enough. 

These are the books I loved and remember the most, of all the books I read between the last post and now (so about a year and a half). 
I have read a lot more, but none of the others were as worthy to be mentioned as these 4 books. 
Let's do another book list in a year from now and see what inspired me in the year to come shall we? 

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