November 2019 Printable Calendar

8:30 AM

Confession time!

I'm glad it's November, and we finally have a breather in the festive season. I am pretty much done with the never ending string of school holidays, visiting relatives, and other monkey wrenches in my creativity wheel.

October has come and gone, with me not able to focus on my to-do list, and having my routine completely thrown out of whack really does wear thin after a while.
As I am typing these words, it's 9.30 am on October 29, I took a day off to recover from Diwali, Diwali shopping and Diwali cleaning yesterday and I am kickstarting the draft on this blog post before I have to get ready, hop on a cab and head all the way down to South Mumbai to attend a friend's Anniversary party.

Tomorrow I have to prepare two Halloween themed art classes, and go buy a lot of Halloween candies because our building compound is having a big trick or treating event my daughter takes part in every year, then before you know it will be November.

Ah! November!

Growing up it was the most boring month of the year, and my synesthetic mind has associated it with a bokeh of black and grey (All the other months are colorful), now that I am older, and live in a country that has tons of festivals, I welcome that blah boring and quiet month with open arms.

November 1st is also the time for you guys to download my printable calendar page of the month.

If all you came for is the download, you can ignore the rambling below, because as usual, I will let you know that my artwork is available for sale at Society6 and Redbubble

Without the month name, she goes by the name of "Bohemian Girl" and she is one of my favourite of the 12 Art Nouveau inspired illustrations I created for the 2019 Calendar.
You can find her on almost everything in my Society6 shop, including this awesome tapestry in the picture above.

It's also available on pretty much everything in my Redbubble shop, but their big strength is apparel, so I am sharing with you how the artwork look on one of their sleeveless top.

As a month specific illustration, she goes by the name of "Lady November" and as usual I made her available only on specific items such as stickers to embellish your bullet journal, notebooks and small items that make for fun gifts for a birthday.

On these words, I need to hit the schedule button, and go get ready for that party I told you about earlier in this post.
See you all in November, hopefully with a more regular blogging schedule before the Christmas season hits. 

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  1. November was once a quiet little month nestled between October and December welcoming the winter with light chill. Now, it has become the month of pollution and flues as the cool air traps the pollutants. Eye irritation, breathing problems and what not, a very unlikely festive month. Earlier, pollution was not visible, now it is there for all to see. Yesterday, there was such pollution that a thin mist hung in the corridors of my office. Pollution has reached dangerous levels and schools have been closed till the 5th of November. I think it happened last year also. Air purifiers are selling like hot cakes. At some point we may have to buy one.

    1. Yeah I saw that in the paper! The pollution in Delhi is really a never ending problem.

      Here in Mumbai we had rain the week leading to Diwali, and it still drizzled on Diwali day itself.
      Yesterday, after just a few dry days, we had a thunderstorm and heavy rains in the evening. The weather is beyond bizarre. It normally stops raining after the monsoon withdraw, and in the past week and a half we have gotten the edge of not one but two huge cyclones developing in the Arabian sea.

      I just wonder how many more unusual big weather event the human race need to go through before everybody makes tackling climate change, and pollution their big priority. We had one of the rainiest monsoon in a very long time here in Mumbai, and now we have residual cyclone rain happening at a time we should be dry and falling into Winter.


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