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Here we are, biting into the last month of this decade! Soon we will be embracing the 20's (can you wrap your mind around that?)

I wanted a boring month of November, which in a way it was, but was also thankfully a month I kept myself busy on the professional front and caught up with many of my personal deadlines.
I am writing this blog post on November 24th, feeling proud for being able to schedule it a whole week in advance and not feeling like a frazzled nut job in a frenzied hurry. I'm actually sipping tea at my desk, enjoying a quiet morning and welcoming the slightly cooler weather.

We are entering my favourite season in Mumbai, we call it Winter, North Indian scoff at us, my friends in Europe and US are probably rolling on the floor laughing because what we call Winter here is pretty much feeling like the beginning of Fall on higher more northern latitudes.
But, I'll still call it Winter all I want, we earned it! 9 months of humidity and sogginess that alternate between steaming heat and wet monsoon madness is what we must endure to deserve 3 months of low humidity cool bliss. We earned that right to call it whatever we want and celebrate socks day and evenings wearing a long sleeved t-shirt dang dammit!

December is the most festive month for me, Christmas is my favourite holiday, and I make it a celebration of friendship, family, and celebrating the cooler days we've been waiting for all year round.
It's also a period of revived creativity for me, I feel energised, and ready to tackle new projects.

So, are you ready to plan this month in style? If yes, you can go download this month's calendar page and get started.

Now I get to ramble about the artwork a little bit, indulge me!

This artwork is the last in my Art Nouveau Ladies series, and she goes by the name of Lady Christmas. She is available both in my Redbubble and Society6 shops on a wide array of products. 

If you are catching just now on the blog, you may not know that I have synesthesia, which is often described as a neurological disorder or condition in which certain people associate a cognitive idea with a sensory function. 
Certain people associate music with a color, or a smell, or see the alphabet letters in different colors. Others will see things like days, months or years in space. 

It does several things to me : 

1) I see the number on a black and white ribbon that starts in the right hand bottom corner of a space I visualise and twirls upward with number reading from right to left. Each time we cross a decade, there is an archway and a step, some parts of that number ribbons goes in tunnels, some others are in bright white rooms.

That one is probably my only disability, because I struggled my whole life with maths, and often write numbers backward. It's not until recently that I learned that not everybody sees numbers the way I do, and that it was this synesthesia quirk that lead to me struggling with dyscalculia. 
I still panic trying to remember a phone number, or even writing my bank account number on a cash deposit slip, and usually those credit card OTPs freak me out because I struggle to commit them long enough to my memory to input them in the e-shopping payment gateway thingy. 

2) I see years on a ribbon, just like numbers, and just like numbers, it goes from right to left and climbs up, but I also am standing on that ribbon, so I am locating myself in time. 

3) I see letters as scrabble tiles, and when I recite the alphabet, they are on two rows A-M on one row and N-Z on a row just below it. The area between K and Q is in shadows. 

4) Days of the weeks are on a ladder, Monday on top, Sunday at the bottom, mid-week is in shadows. 

5) Months are submitted to not one but TWO synesthetic quirks! First they are on a wheel or a "clock" and January is roughly where the "5" on a clock would be. Then we go counter clockwise to reach June which is between 12 and 1 on a clock and all the way down to December which is between 7 and 6 on a clock. 
When I talk about a month, it's not unusual for me to point to a spot in space that no one really get but me. 

On top of seeing months in space, I also see them in colors, and not just one solid color, each month is a bokeh of two colors, December is maroon and gold.
This quirk is making it super handy for me to find a specific month in my Bullet Journal because I actually plan it with the right color or near right color for each months. 
This is also how I go about designing my calendar pages, because trust me, I have had calendars I bought or printed and when they come in colors I do not associate with the months in my mind, it really throws me completely off. 

I completed all the illustrations for the 2020 calendar and am almost done putting the pages together, if you follow me on Instagram, you know what the illustrations are, in fact they are all already for sale in my Society6 shop. Of all the illustrations I have done so far, those are the closest to what the months look like in term of colors in my mind.
I'll upload the whole 12 pages later this month and will tell you all about it, so stay tuned!  

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  1. You have some pretty vivid imaginations about numbers, month anddays. I only visualize time like this, a thin film reel stretching towards eternity hanging in space with separate slots for days, weeks, months and years which I had told you earlier. It is very interesting that both of us have this concept of space, very near and yet too far. Sometimes it is in outer space just near the earth. I actually also visualize history in the same format.

    Coming to December, there is something warm and comforting about Christmas and new year.

    Curiously, when I was unemployed December reminded me of another year of missed opportunities. Now, i am at peace with December. It is strange how a month evokes myriad feelings in you.

    1. Synesthesia has nothing to do with imagination, it is perceived as such but it is an involuntary association that once set can't be changed. It's the brain that formed a deep connection between two senses or two cognitive pathways at a subconscious level.

      If I see a bokeh of light yellow and white in a totally unrelated context I'll still associate it with April, the color IS April, and April IS the color. I actually can't read the word April or think of the month without imemdiately seeing the color in my mind.

      I've been working actively on putting the 2020 Calendar together this past week, and finding which illustration is meant for what month is a split second task, even on thumbnails because I immediately go for the color the month is associated with, without thinking.

      The number thing is something I struggled all my life with, and you'd think being conditioned from childhood to write numbers from left to right, do all maths from left to right and reading everything from left to right would trump that mental visualisation.
      But nope, it's impossible, by brain and neurological pathway will still see number from right to left on an ascending ribbon that goes through archways, tunnels and steps, it's unvoluntary, I never created that connection on a conscious level it created itself.

      Synesthesia is described as something that can't be altered, if you can alter the pattern, it's likely a mnemonic trick you created consciously to commit an abstract notion to memory.

  2. Hey I read a novel about kids who had synthesia, i thought its just in the novel. I m so glad i found you :)

    1. Synesthesia is probably more common than we think. It affect people differently, and for many it goes undetected for years.
      I had those "glitch" my whole life, but I had no idea it was weird or that it even had a name until 4-5 years back or so.It's only then that I connected the dots and figured out that the fact I see number on a ribbon going from right to left is probably what made math so difficult as a kid, and probably why I still struggle with phone number and writing my bank account number on a cash deposit slip is something that totally stress me out.

      The months in colors and on a wheel doesn't disable me in real life, so there would have been even less chance of me even thinking something was different if that had been the only way I get affected by synesthesia.


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