the 2020 Printable Calendar is here

9:06 AM

Right on time for Christmas, I present to you the 2020 edition of the Home Cyn Home printable calendar. Like all the previous years, I'm releasing the whole 12 months in one big PDF file first, and will share the page of the month as a single download each 1st of the month.

This year, I created all the illustration digitally. I wanted to work on a project that would let me play around with Procreate, an app I got on the iPad Pro I got last June. About 99% of the illustrations was made in Procreate and I exported them in Photoshop to add the words and the golden effects.

The theme for the year will be the Zodiac sign which are traditionally associated with each month, and like all the previous years, the color palette for each month is brought to you by my synesthetic mind. I tried one year to not use the colors I see for each month on a calendar, and I was very unsettled by it, so forgive me for sticking to colors that will not stress me out each time I walk in my kitchen and lay eyes on my calendar.

Each illustration is also for sale on pretty much everything in my Society6 Shop, but this year I'll only sell the illustration featuring the Zodiac sign name, I decided against offering the design with the name of the month like I did all through 2019.

It goes without saying...

I spent hours working on that calendar and I am happy to offer it for free download. Please note though that it's NOT for commercial use. 

- You can't sell it
- You can't share it or offer it for download yourself
- You can't claim it as your own to re-distribute
- You can't take the illustration and license it for profit, I own all licensing right to the illustrations I created for that calendar (and all of my other work)

You can print it and use it for your personal needs, if you want to spread the word about my calendar, please link back to this blog post so that people get to know who is behind this awesome work. 

It's really simple isn't it? 

On those wise words...

I'll leave you to your Christmas celebration, I'm all set to go enjoy the latest Star Wars movie today. I may or may not post before the New Year rings. Right now I'm really enjoying taking a break from all things creative and enjoy the Holidays. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you all! 

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  1. Happy new year to you and family. It icy cold in Delhi, the second coldest in 100 years. Quiet a weather.

    1. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too.

      The weather has been weird in Mumbai too, we had a few light rain spell for Christmas. Now it's starting to FINALLY cool down a bit. December has been quite warm for the season, and we even had a few days of feeling way too hot.
      I'm hopping the cool dry days are here to stay for a while before we get steamed again.


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