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If you live in India, you know how frustrating it is to look for quality bullet journal supplies, starting with finding the right journal, then find the cutest washi tape, the right pens to write in it...

You may or may not have turned to Instagram to get inspiration, wrote down the name of brands, only to head to Amazon and find out that they a) Are over priced or b) Simply do not exist.

This is the Dilemma that Shinjini, the founder of Bigger Dreams Co. faced when she first started with her bullet journal.
This prompted her to create an online store for all things bullet journal in India, and this is where are path crossed.

We talked about the possibility of a partnership, and just last week, she sent me a beautiful box of goodies available in her store for me to review.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the unboxing I did in my InstaStories, videos I plan to put in my Highlights very soon.

I was pretty keen on reviewing he washi tape since these are the hardest to find good quality in stationery store and has most people hopping all over the place to get them, but her store is so much more that that.

She is the ONLY one in India to sell you the highly coveted Archer & Olive journals. If you are new to the Bullet Journalling world, just know that they are the "Rolls Royce" of the BuJo world. They have the thickest paper, guarantees no ghosting with all water based inks, markers and paint, and come in beautiful embossed linen covers, floral print covers and even notebooks with black pages.

I've been looking at the Archer & Olive Instagram account for years now, and their products had always had me dreaming of a beautiful art journal. Needless to say I was over the moon when I got mine from Bigger Dreams!
I am yet to use that notebook, I plan on doing an art Journal in 2020 on the side of my regular Bullet Journal planner. With paper that luxurious and thick and awesome, I really don't feel like using it as just a daily planner, it deserve more.

Archer & Olive is not the only brand of Notebooks she currently stocks, if you have been wanting to get your hand on a Leuchturm 1917, now is your chance, she has them for sale at a much fairer price than the crazy heratic prices you get from Amazon.

She has a great collection of quality washi tape and washi stickers to choose from too, and this is what had my curiousity pricked in the first place.
In my 2019 journal, I went with a very ambitious, very artsy weekly spread, 12 months, 12 themes, and a LOT of hours going into drawing everything. There are months I was so busy I barely made it from week to week.
As awesome as it was, I knew that this had to be simplified greatly in 2020. With only 24 hours in a day, a creative career and a busy schedule, I can't really afford to spend hours doodling borders, and theme for my bullet journal, which let me remind you is my daily planner.
I knew that my 2020 edition would have to still be colorful, but way simpler in its execution. I turned to washi tape, and plan to use a lot more stickers to prettify my pages.

The problem? There aren't a lot of quality stickers out there, and my local stationery shop is full of cheap import washi tape that are unusable mid-roll because the glue hardened on the back of the tape, not to mention the designs on them are either badly printed, or very boring.

The washi tape samples I got from the Bigger Dreams collection are absolutely awesome, so far I played around with the Party Glam! Set for my January spread and embellished the pages with the Winter Wonderland washi stickers. I particularly love the weekdays gold washi tape in the Party Glam! set, it's an awesome way to mark the days of the week without having to figure out an elaborate calligraphy and banner, and then have to draw it over and over again.

I'll get more into the detail of my bullet journal set up for 2020 in a future post, but I am in LOVE with those Washi stickers :

They are paper stickers that feel exactly like washi tape, but are bigger, and come in a little envelope or a box, you simply peel off the protective backing and stick them on the pages of your bullet journal.

Bigger Dreams also stocks the best writing essentials: Pigma Micron pens, Tombow brush pens, Gelly Rolls and Zebra midliner pens. As well as BuJo accessories such as washi storage boards, washi stickers, page markers and corrector tape (so that all those mistake do not plague your BuJo).

As a company, Bigger Dreams is a brand new one, the shop started in August 2019 and the owner is working on adding more stock regularly.
So, if you are looking for quality bullet journal supplies in India, and feel like supporting a small business, this is the shop you MUST visit.

While this post is the result of a partnership between Home Cyn Home and Bigger Dreams Co. The opinion in this blog post is entirely mine, I genuinely LOVE those products and I'll be shopping for more. I can recommend them wholeheartedly. 

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  1. You just saved my 2020. I recently Started BuJo and I have been going all over the web looking for 1 good journal that won't bleed so that my 2021 journal can be better. This article gave me so much more. Thank you a bunch.

    1. I’m really happy this blog post saved your 2020 :-) we all need more of that.
      May you have fun with your 2021 BuJo, I am eagerly waiting to start filling mine p, so I know the feeling


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