January 2020 Printable Calendar

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Happy new year everyone!

I hope you celebrated the way you wanted, and are now ready to tackle 2020 with a renewed energy and determination. If making resolutions is your thing, please go ahead and jot them down.
I myself vow to stay awesome, and while I'm doing so, I wrote down a list of goals I want to achieve in 2020 (I don't do resolutions)

For many it seems 2019 had been a sucky, crappy and lousy year. I know how that feels guys, I've been there in 2016-17, it sucks. So, I wish you all a stellar, amazing, out of this world and extra happy new year if you ate more than your share of shit pie in 2019.

To help you make this year an epic, awesome one, you can start by downloading January's printable calendar page. And plan the first month with oomph and style.

If you read my 2020 Calendar blog post (where you can also download the whole 12 months at once) you know that this year I decided to go with an astrological theme for the calendar.

January is the month for Capricorns the sign started on December 22nd and will end on January 20th. Sorry for all of you born after the 20th, I know how it feels, I'm born june 24th, enough said...for now.
Capricorns are said to be hard working, ambitious, goal oriented and over achieving at time. They are ruled by the planet Saturn.

I'll let you tell me if that is true, because I don't think I really know any Capricorns, but then again I am terrible at remembering all my friends birthdays, so if you read that, please don't kill me, I'm just your average Cancer on the Cusp of Gemini with a Scorpio ascendant (that's all I have to say for my defence, so just take it...or don't).

Like last year, all the art that makes it to my calendar is also available in both my Society6 and Redbubble shops.

All the calendar illustrations were mostly created in Procreate, which is a digital drawing app available on iPad and is quickly becoming the new standard app of professional digital illustrators. I went with a hexagon shape and colored them in a powdery nebula background that reflect my synesthesia. January is a light powdery blue with specks of gold (don't ask me why).

I drew the sign's symbol in the hexagon and drew its corresponding constellation in the background before adding some criss-crossing white lines to give my composition a modern feel.
I added the gold effect and the typography after exporting the whole thing in Photoshop, which is also where I created the whole calendar grid by the way.

January is already shaping itself to be a busy month for yours truly. I have a paint party and a birthday party art activity session lined up on my professional calendar before this week ends.

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  1. I am a Capricorn, born on 23rd December and I am totally Non-Capricorn in my character traits. January is here again. Everybody has a spring in his step on the first stay of the year, which continues for a few days. After the flurry of "Happy New Year", the hunt begins for calendars and diaries. It is the most important activity every January. These are prized possessions. Without a calendar,one seems lost in a new year.

    This year winter arrived early around Christmas, which is actually the right time for winter, and the cold spell continues. Today it is slightly better. It was horrible for a few days. Sun did not come out at all. The winter temperatures are reminiscent of my childhood when it used to be 1 or 4 degrees frequently in Delhi. Then, winter started receding into January and we forgot how sustained cold spell feels like.

    The pic looks great, especially the white brick wall. Oh, the words seem to be getting squeezed on the right side of the pic. It has been happening in a few of your posts. You may like to do something about it.

    1. The blog post and image look fine on my computer. Maybe it's an issue that happens on your browser? Which one are you using?

      I usually have my calendar and planner ready in December so I can tackle the new year immediately :-) But yes, looking at my Amazon Affiliate sales, it seems people who come to my blog and click an affiliate link end up buying diaries and bullet journal notebooks. December and January are the peak notebook and planner buying months it seems.

      My bullet journal posts also make it in the "popular top 5 posts" and stay there around that time.

    2. I am using Google Crome. Even in Internet Explorer the same thing is happening with the second pic. In fact, in explorer the first pic is overlapping with your pic on the top right hand side.

    3. I'm using Google Chrome and it looks fine, I have a Mac so I can't check Internet Explorer, but it looks fine in both Chrome and Safari which are the two browsers I use.

      I wonder what the problem could be


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