My 2020 Bullet Journal setup

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I promised you all a peek in my 2020 Bullet Journal when I reviewed the amazing supplies Bigger Dreams Co sent my way.
The wait is finally over, so indulge me and scroll down with me the time of a blog post shall you?

To be fair I haven't made huge changes from the previous year, but I did tweak the weekly spread section a bit after experimenting with a new setup in October. But one thing at a time, first, let me tell you what journal I went with this year.

After being bowled over by the MatrikaS notebook I used last year, I decided to go for the same one in a different color. The 2020 journal is a MatrikaS Signature Marvel in light blue (Amazon Affiliate link).

Like last year, I also moved all my monthly spread at the beginning of the journal :

This is the section where I get a whole month at a glance and can add appointments and events well in advance. I also keep track of when Amazon Affiliate fees are to be added to my payment history log, and how many times my art students came that month so I can calculate the fees to be paid accordingly.
I also still log blog stats, but I don't use them as much as I used to.

Last year I had a complicated set up with a gratitude log page, a "totally random" page to write down notes and a whole page for all my habit trackers.
I simplified that MASSIVELY this year because I seriously forgot to log things at the end of the day, and I was never really looking at those habit trackers anyway.
Each month now start with a page that looks like this :

I call it my monthly control panel. I have a box to jot down my goals for the month, a smaller box to write down which Skillshare class I took, and I aim at at least one class a month to make my 800 rupees subscription not go to waste. I also added an Instagram follower tracker to see how much my account grew in a month.
The page on the left is left blank, this is where I will write down notes and things that don't fit anywhere else each month.

The bigger change in the 2020 Bullet Journal is how the weekly spread is set up :

Last year, at least until October I had a set up on two pages, with the meal planning, cash expenses and a small area to jot down notes on the left page, and my entire week planning squeezed on the right page.
It didn't work for me for many reasons. The first one being that half the time I forgot to plan my weekly meal. I simplified my life eating salads or leftovers for lunch and make a dinner of either soup, or a grilled meat with veggies. I also have more and more things happening on a daily basis and more often than not, there wasn't enough space to jot everything down, I needed more space for my days of the week.

The current spread has one full page with two column : A large column for Monday and Tuesday, then a slimmer column on the left for my weekly trackers. Then I cut a page in half pretty much slicing my tiny column space away, that shorter central page has Wednesday and Thursday on one side and Friday/Thursday on the other, then we have one full page again with the Sunday and Note column and my Cash Expenses in a tiny column on the right.

With this spread, my habit tracker and cash expenses are visible all through the week, and I still have enough room for all 7 days and a note section.

I still have a movie and book log at the end of the BuJo as well as my Goals for the year list. I plan on adding lists as I need them.
This year I am also planning my spreads as much in advance as possible so that I don't get caught off guards, so far I have them all down until March, I just need to find a nice yellow Washi tape I like to do April.

I decided to use washi tape rather than draw everything this year, because as fun as it is to draw in my bullet journal, a completely hand drawn layout takes hours to pull and it's hours I do not spend creating something commercial or doing something else entirely.

Have you jumped on the Bullet Journal bandwagon yet? How are you setting yours up?

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