February 2020 Printable Calendar

8:00 AM

January has been a month that felt quite long for a change, after months of being super busy and not seeing time fly, I had the luxury of a quiet, uneventful month.
I felt a lot more productive and have kick started a few projects for the year to come already, all the while enjoying a few really good cold spells, two weeks ago or so the mimum temperature dropped as low as 11 degrees, it's not the colder I experienced in Mumbai but it was close to it.

I plan on soaking as much of the good pleasant weather as I can in February because I know our Mumbai Winter bliss days are numbered and soon we will be roasting, and I'll have to get Kiwi to the groomer to get a Summer cut.

It's the 1st of the month, so it means it's time for those of you who didn't download the whole calendar to get the February page, print it, and plan it in style.

February is the month associated with the Zodiac sign of Aquarius, even though the sun enters the sign on January 20th and remains in it until February 18th.

Aquarius are said to be assertive, independent, analytical and easy going. I know a few and it seems to fit the bill. If you agree or respectfully disagree, let me know in the comments below.

All my 2020 calendar illustrations were made on the same theme using Procreate and Photoshop, and Aquarius come in pink because, synesthesia oblige, February is pink.

This Aquarius illustration like the others is available in both my Redbubble and Society6 shop, I created a stand alone collection on each site for them, and they are available on pretty much every items they sell, to find out you'll need to click on the one you like and see what it's available as. It ranges from stickers to furniture depending the site, and as a mug or t-shirt, it makes for a really cool birthday gift idea for all the Aquarius in your life.

This is all the rambling you'll get from me today, I'm working on a big monogram project that I hope to get live in my shops by the end of this month, so I need to keep painting and digitizing. 

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  1. Happy post basant panchami to you and family. May the goddess of learning bless you with creativity.

    February is the month of yellow for bengalis, the colour of ripening mustard, sunshine and saris worn during saraswati pooja. It is also the bengali valentine's day.

    The chill was supposed to go gradually in Delhi but it has come back with vengeance. Warm days are still little away.

    Best of luck for your future endeavours.

    1. Thank you, same to you.

      The blissful chill is still around in Mumbai, I want it to stay as long as possible because it's usually immediately followed by intense roasting heat and the return of the humidity that leaves us drained, tired, and very sweaty :-)

      Long live the Mumbai Winter!

  2. I used to be fascinated by the sun signs and gathered some knowledge via Linda Goodman's well-known book, and some other books. That was many years ago.

    I could find some similarities among people who had the same sun sign. But when I probed quite deeply, and looked at them more objectively, there were many differences as well; some characteristics that are typical of other sun signs.

    I wouldn't dismiss astrology altogether. Probably, I don't know or I understand it fully. Actually, I am quite confused about it.

    For me, as of now, it is all about how I look at it - am I looking for similarities or differences. Not just astrology, mostly in our lives, the perceptions, beliefs and faith stem out of how we look at a particular thing, is it not?

    By the way, I don't know if any scientific research and data correlation has been done on astrological findings. It will be interesting to learn and understand more about it.

    1. I'm a bit of a skeptic on Astrology as well, I think we all tend to want to confirm certain things about ourselves and astrology seems to allow people to do just that.

      But there are certain patterns that seem to occur more in people born under a specific sun sign that occur less frequently in other sun signs, so could there be something to it?
      All in all there are many esoteric fields that can't be explained scientifically that are supported by a big number of anecdotal events, too many to be just to be brushed to coincidence.

      Science says that we understand around 10% of the universe, that leaves a huge 90% chunk of unknown.

      What I find interesting is that neuroscience is starting to confirm that positive thinking, gratitude, and visualisation does rewire the brain and in turn is re-shaping people and how they approach obstacles and difficulties.
      On an anecdote level it started as seeing a pattern in how successful people think, I can't remember a single biography or account of an entrepreneur, successful business person, or celebrity that didn't put a big emphasis on practicing gratitude and believing in the law of attraction. What seemed for the longest time to be a bit far fetched with a dollop of irrational is now shown to have so scientific value to it.

    2. You are spot on, Cynthia. There are a lot of things in our universe -- including many in our own daily lives -- for which we don't have a scientific explanation. So, one can't outrightly reject what astrology says.

      You are also right about neuroscience aspect.

  3. Pls share tips on how to make your own bujo.. I am trying using 100 gsm paper
    . Maybe you could share tips on some low cost ideas of journalling .After all it is about the writing in the journal... is nt it?

    1. Hi!

      There are plenty of BuJO related posts on this blog, have you read them? You can start by typing "Bullet Journal" in the search box at the top of this blog (the little magnifying glass icon) and it will pull a list of all the BuJo posts I made.

      If you are making your own notebook from scratch, I have a "Felt traveler's notebook" post you might want to check too.

      You can start a bullet journal in any notebook, and there are several options on the market in India that are very friendly on your pocket.


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