March 2020 Printable Calendar

8:30 AM

I almost forgot to write and schedule this blog post!

That's how busy I kept myself in February people! It's on the one extra February day we get once every 4 years that I suddenly realised at 4pm that the Calendar blog post had not been written, and the pictures not even edited!

What kept me busy?

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been working on a big watercolor monogram series, and drawing, painting, scanning, and editing 26 letters takes time... lot of it!
This means that has been pretty much all I did this month on top of the regular art classes and other day to day business related tasks.

Painting and scanning all the monogram letters has been the top priority this month, I even attached a reward to it so I would not be tempted to just procrastinate on it. My little deal with myself was that I could give myself permission to buy the fancy printer that has been on my wish lists for months only after scanning the letter Z, which I did on Friday night. My new printer is due to reach today (Sunday) and I can't wait to set it up and put it to the test...squeeee!

Before I dive into March, the artwork and everything, you can go download the March calendar page, print it and start planning your month ahead.

The month of March is associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces, even though the sun enters the sign on the 19th of February.

I happen to know a lot of Pisces in my life, a sign that is associated with kindness, compassion, sensitivity, and making the world a better place. Some of the Pisces I know are often kind to a fault and will often take more than they can chew emotionally-wise.

Since the month of march is associated with a light green bokeh in my mind, this is what I went for when doing this illustration.
Illustration which is available in my Redbubble and Society6 shops  on a wide array of products.

This March I am going to finish uploading all monograms in my shops (this part takes a lot more time than you'd think it would) and I am toying with several projects including creating a Bullet Journal India community on FB, adding new products to my Etsy shop, and possibly dabbling in new waters in the social media department. And, of course I'll keep on creating artwork and design, that part is pretty much given on any month, I could not go more than a week without painting something or I would feel really miserable.

Also, stay tuned, I will probably be very excited to tell you all about my new printer very soon. 

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  1. I also somehow associate March with green, the color of spring, the color of life. Late February and early March is probably the only time when the weather is good in Delhi. It is either numbingly cold or scorching/humid heat all year round. March always presented a strange dilemma. The nature is in full bloom but students remain busy with exams. Whether to play holi or not is big question especially if you are appearing for the Boards exam. In the year 1992, March presented another dilemma. The World Cup of cricket was held in March which coincides with my 10th Boards. Torn between cricket and studies, life was difficult. But I sailed through. Now, that academics is behind me, I welcome March with open heart.


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